Kochblockers unite! We realize it is no longer actually News news to watch a crowd of angry voters shout at Scott Walker wherever he goes, but what else has there been in the headlines today? Hm, let’s see, jobs numbers remind us of having thirty instead of thirty-two dull forks stabbed into our eyeballs, and […]

Wisconsin’s critical elections to recall six Republican legislators and regain control of the state senate take place next week on August 9, which means it is time for the privately-funded organisms of Terror and Death to hurl into action with all their vote-inhibiting might. We have pictured here an actual Voter Deception mailer blingee courtesy […]

Oh hooray, the House Republicans also have a underhanded bullshit scheme to completely gut America’s environmental protections: Instead of moving stand-alone legislation or openly debating the merits of gutting America’s environmental protections, the House is trying to sneak more than 40 anti-environment amendments and policy riders to the Interior Appropriations bill. And that’s even before […]

What do Democrats and Republicans have in common these days, besides a total disinterest in governance and a massive crush on Twitter slapfights? They both love those sweet-tasting Koch bucks printed on paper made of ground orphans. DSCC Chairwoman Sen. Patty Murray called up Koch Industries and left a voicemail asking for the Kochs to renew […]

Why, exactly, should we raise the retirement age? Who benefits from that? Certainly not people, now being told that they’ll have to toil until death after all, just like the slaves and serfs of the cruel past. And why should the elderly now have to work to the grave? Because the Koch Brothers were born […]

A judge in Wisconsin’s Dane County has struck down the Scott Walker/Koch Brothers’ anti-collective bargaining law, which means Wisconsin will once again become a luscious workers paradise and all the mean old Tea Party people will be rolled off cliffs, in their wheelchairs. (No, wait, it’s the Republicans who will push all the old people […]

This is our favorite guy ever. We had to watch the whole thing just to figure out if he was yelling at the teabaggers “on his side” or at somebody else … and we’ll have to guess “somebody else,” because these RV Living subscribers standing around him sure don’t look like “neo-Marxist pot smokers.” But […]

What do Republicans in Congress dream about, after they get bored of Cialisbating to ROTC videos? Lowering taxes even more for the very richest people in America while doubling the cost of medical care for senior citizens. That’s what the budget passed tonight by the House GOP promises to do — and even though it […]

The Koch Brothers think it’s hilarious when their dumb puppets have to go face huge, angry crowds of political opponents. Remember the movie Trading Places? It’s the same idea: Incredibly rich old white creeps just torture their own lackeys whenever it gets dull oppressing the faceless poor and destroying the Earth to make Dixie Cups […]

The Koch Brothers’ dumb little whore from Wisconsin, Scott Walker, is testifying before Congress today — and he’s got a very unique take on the class war he’s waging against the working citizens of his state. “In Wisconsin, we are doing something truly progressive. In addition to holding the line on spending and finding efficiencies […]

A recount is all but certain, yet an easy re-election for Wisconsin state supreme court justice Supreme Court Justice David Prosser turned into a victory for the liberals’ choice, JoAnne Kloppenburg. It was the most expensive Supreme Court election in the state’s history, and all the millions from the Tea-Koch Party couldn’t tip the race.

When your corporation needs to take care of some troublesome “environmental and regulatory matters” in Wisconsin, heh heh, just go see the dumb kid who never graduated college but did manage two DUI convictions, because that dumb kid is earning $81,5000 a year as one of Governor Scott Walker’s top-paid people in the administration. But […]

Still don’t believe it’s a full-on war against workers? It is: “Gov. Paul LePage has ordered the removal of a 36-foot mural depicting Maine’s labor history from the lobby of the Department of Labor. Worker advocates described the move as a ‘mean-spirited’ provocation amid the administration’s high-tension standoff with unions.” LePage is the new GOP/Tea […]

A Wisconsin judge has temporarily blocked Scott Walker’s anti-workers bill from taking effect, saying the Wisconsin legislators’ passage of the law was likely illegal as it violated the state’s Open Meetings law. In other words, Walker’s errand for the Koch Brothers seems to have failed, at least in the short term. The judge also said […]

We won’t know for sure until he double-sucks the withered old peckers of David and Charles Koch on live television while simultaneously pooping on the grave of a 9/11 firefighter and strangling a pre-schooler, but Wisconsin’s Scott Walker is quickly shaping up to be the Republicans’ top choice to run for president in 2012. He’s […]