Koch brothers

Hope you’re sitting down, kids: the pro-American, completely reason-based blog PowerLine made a shocking discovery last week: There are politically oriented organizations that it disagrees with, and there are actually businesses that make donations to those organizations! No really, this shocking true fact is true! The Center for American Progress is a left-wing organization that […]

John Boehner is correct that this shutdown “isn’t some damn game.”  One difference is that it sucks, while games are fun. And it will suck again in mid-December, which is when Boehner wanted to not play this not a game again with another must-pass funding bill. Merry Christmas, jerks! Give us Obama’s right nut or Prancer’s […]

This video, from these Koch-funded douchebags, is actually hilarious. (And, more to the point — intentionally so????)

How inexorably, ascendantly awesome and correct are conservative and neo-libertarian ideas? Why, they’re so awesome and correct that it only cost several hundred million dollars to propel the candidates espousing them to mostly respectable losses in the last national election! Yes, it was fun to watch all the antisocial billionaires and their Tea Puppets get smacked […]

Welcome to the USofNRA! And woe be unto you, any politician who dares to cross our not so new overlords in this quick-draw special interest group, by trying to maybe take high-capacity magazines from any maybe-crazy-maybe-not person who wants to get their warm, live fingers on a gun. Because in Colorado, where two rather awful […]

(See Update/Clarification at end) Gosh, we’re pretty sure no one saw this coming! As federal money has become a smaller portion of its overall funding, public broadcasting has become increasingly reliant on private donors. A lot of those donors are “viewers like you,” giving a few bucks to get a totebag and a sense of […]

Are you looking for the latest can’t-miss investing opportunity? Well sir, you can forget your whale oil and your arsenic hats and your unicycles, because King Newspaper is the hottest ticket in town! Not convinced? Then tell us, why else would literally several people be trying to raise $660 million via a “crowd-funding” site to […]

Hey, who’s tired of reading actual “information” in the handful of remaining legitimate news outlets quietly dying out in America? Persecuted swamp monsters Charles and David Koch are growing tired of watching their feudalist political philosophies maligned in the media, so they have looked around and said to themselves, “oh shit, let’s just buy the […]

Like the mighty towers of the World Trade Center, a tent belonging to the Michigan chapter of Americans for Prosperity fell in Lansing today because it was attacked by terrorists who hate our freedom…to not pay union dues but still receive the protection organized labor provides workers. Labor protesters, angry about Michigan’s passage of a […]

It is time, once again, to PANIC! As you can see above, Unskewed Polls has released a new chart that at first blush doesn’t seem to have any basis in reality. So why would they post such a hilarious result? Well, you have not been keeping up with Your Wonkette. Let’s rectify that now! It […]

Recently, numerous big Republican employers who’ve done incredibly well over the past four years have started to threaten their employees with layoffs if Barack Obama is reelected, because they’d logically give up billions of dollars to spite a black dude. Whether with chain letters, “voter information packets,” or just straight-up office e-mail blasts, conservative employers […]

Hiyo, David and Charles Koch! You guys are weird, but there is a method to your madness: you want to buy Wisconsin, and the presidency, and so you do. (Ol’ Romney’s a pretty good ROI, huh boys?) But what’s your brother Bill’s dealio? On what crazy-ass thing is he spending his billions today? There’s a […]

Hello, bleeding heart liberals, we know you are already very excited about hating SuperPACs but could you perhaps make room in your heart to hate some specific non-profits as well? Because — and we hate to be the ones to break it to you — non-profit organizations are just as capable of spending massive amounts […]

The New Jersey legislature is pushing a bill that “would establish a temporary agency, the New Jersey Foreclosure Relief Corp.,” which “would acquire houses in foreclosure and make them available to towns, non-profit groups, or private investors as low- and moderate-income housing.” The corporation would be similar to the RTC, which helped clean up the […]

The Koch Brothers’ attempted “hostile takover” of fancy glass-brick-and-steel libertarian think tank the Cato Institute — which Chuck and Dave Koch already control 50% of but are now suing a widow for her dead husband’s stake so as to then rule the world! — has prompted some very public outcries and gossip nuggets (yay!) from […]