From Merrie Olde Englande comes this bit of costly stupid: A documentary is set to reveal on Monday how UK police spent £500,000 ($852,000) to control an English Defense League (EDL) far-Right protest against a planned mosque, which happened to be a KFC fast-food branch. The BBC documentary, “Police Under Pressure,” documents how false rumors […]

Whew! What a day it’s been! We’ve got singing mayors, sorry restaurants, and sexy boobs! Get into the magic, the beauty, the mayhem and the luscious madness of today’s Happy Nice Time People goodness. It’s piping hot, and at the end you get boobs! KFC said it was sorry to a little girl with facial […]

You know what sucks? People. All people. Everywhere. (Well, except you beautiful people reading this here blog.) But there is a special place in imaginary hell for the patrons of KFC in Jackson, Mississippi. A three-year-old girl got attacked in the face by a pit bull and had facial injuries. Then, on the way back […]

We hepped you to the terrifying reality of the Kentucky Fried Chicken corsage. Perfect for prom! We genuinely do wish we liked El Camino Real, the new record by the venerable Camper Van Beethoven, a bit more. We watched the Nashville finale. There was a big cliffhanger you’ll probably care about, and one you probably […]

Perhaps you have a teenager getting ready for prom. You will of course be adorning them in the finest camouflage dresses that money can buy, but what about a corsage? Why not pick something classic, something that can be easily used for their shotgun wedding as well: the Kentucky Fried Chicken corsage. For the reasonable […]

HuffPo reports that these buttons were for sale at a “VIP reception area” at a California Republican Party convention this weekend. The San Francisco Chronicle’s Carla Marinucci tweeted the photo and noted that the display had been removed at a later point. Keep working on that outreach to women, Republicans! And remember to dust off […]

Are you having a bummer of a day? Maybe work seems like it will never end, or maybe your lumbago is flaring, or maybe it’s just that a black man is president. In any of those cases, we have a hilarious Facebook post from the Rutland County, Vermont, GOP to make you feel better! Just […]

Some six thousand years ago, when George Washington and Jesus were walking through colonial Williamsburg with their friends the dinosaurs, our Founding Fathers wrote a Constitution laying out a broad vision for what government should and shouldn’t do in a free country. Their “should do” list was fairly basic: “establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide […]

John Hood, president of the conservative North Carolina-based John Locke Foundation, has apologized for a very special graphic that one of his bloggers, “Hot Talk WRNN co-host Tara Servatius,” included in her post for the think tank’s blog this week. What is the controversy? All it did was show “President Obama in chains and drag […]

This is the story that finally almost broke the computers at Next Media Animation, because these Chinese animators have an incredibly hard time making fat people — everyone in the NMA animated video world looks like a 15-year-old skinny kid, even teabaggers. And instead of a worn-out makeup-crusted jowly grandma in a real-estate wig, the […]

Newly unearthed documents show the ACLU was founded by COMMUNISTS in 1919. This fact is truly shocking because why would anyone want to overthrow capitalism during the golden age of child labor? [The Daily Caller] Muslims are slated to show up in the next Narnia movie, where, thanks to the PC police, they will capture […]

You won’t find a word about it on the KFC website, or in most regional advertisements, but out in the mysterious moon colony of Omaha, the televisions are advertising a new sandwich. This is the only footage known to man. Believe it: KFC is selling a sandwich in Omaha, and god knows where else, that […]

Here’s a teevee news report from Rochester, NY about some Popeye’s running out of chicken. Like so much that happens in America, it is both hilarious and tragic. But! The people who are unable to procure their fried chicken, in this video, well they are black, which is a racial issue. And, it turns out, […]

Here’s a clip from Fox News’ Fox & Friends program last Thursday in which they discuss a KFC opening in Fallujah, in Iraq. They are so excited about the fast food wage-slave chain being opened in this awful city, because it means “things are working” in Iraq, democracy and economics, what have you; the little […]

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Lonesome Stunt Pulled

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