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Trump To Practice Presidential Pardons. Wonkagenda For Tues., Nov. 21, 2017

Is Robert Mueller about to flip a guy? What will Trump and Putin talk about this time? And Trump gets practice in presidential pardons. Your morning news brief.

Trump’s Backdoor Action. Gross. Wonkagenda For Mon., Nov. 20, 2017

Robert Mueller is building something big, the FCC is killing net neutrality and the Lifeline, and drunk Floridians! Your morning news brief!

Al Franken Super Sorry For Shitty Joke. Wonkagenda For Fri., Nov. 17, 2017

Everyone is pissseed at Al Franken, Democrats get high hopes, AND MORE!

GOP Has A Hard Time Not Killing People. Wonkagenda for Fri., March 10, 2017

GOP doesn't 'get' healthcare, Rex Tillerson is MIA, and Schwarzenegger for Senate? Your morning news brief!

Trump’s LOW RATINGS Attention Grab. Wonkagenda For Wed., Jan. 25, 2017

Trump threatens Chicago, science geeks protect their pockets, and Republicans plot what to burn next. Your morning news brief!
What, not that Keystone?

President Obama Will Not Be Laying Any Keystone Pipe Today

This post sponsored by a grant from the Patty Dumpling Endowed Chair for blogging about oil spills, pipelines, oil industry shenanigans, and the end of civilization as Republicans know it. Beat the drum slowly and play the fife lowly, all...
Definitely winning

GOP Senate Says Obama Must Make Sweet Love To America’s Oil Lobbyists, Or Else

Republicans formally took control of the United States Senate on Tuesday, free at last to indulge in their love of sweet, sweet, crude and its associated lobbyists -- a love that has been forbidden by their overly-strict totalitarian dad, Barack...
The Garden of Earthly Delights by ExxonMobil

2014 Was A Pretty Great Year For The Environment. Really!

This post brought to you by the Patty Dumpling Endowed Blogging Chair For Something Nice For Once At first it looked like 2014 was going to be more of the same bullshit. On Jan. 9, a chemical spill in West...

Mitch McConnell Is Not A Scientist, Except When He Is

Mitch McConnell is not a scientist -- just ask him! The next Senate Majority Leader does not care much for science, with all its high-falutin' book-larnin' and its incomprehensible metric system and what have you. However, when it comes to...

Newly Published Documents Detail Romney’s Specific Plan to Ruin White House, Country

What exactly would a Romney presidency have been like? Yes, of course it would have been horrible, we know that. But in what specific WAYS would have it been horrible? See, now we know the answer to this question,...

Protests Work! Cornyn & Rubio Drop SOPA, Obama Rejects Keystone

Here's a little good news to cheer up your Wednesday: Today's anti-censorship protest across the Internet has already forced Republican senators Marco Rubio and John Cornyn to drop their support of the SOPA bill. Already! Rubio and Cornyn weren't...

Oil Industry Senators Decide They’ll Just Allow That Tar Sands Keystone Pipeline Anyway

The oil industry millionaires known as "Republicans in the Senate" have decided to fix that whole Obama/Keystone tar sands/global disaster/dirtiest possible fuel problem by making their own rules that will override the State Department, so that the oil industry...

Obama Caves To Environmental Groups, Election 2012 Has Begun

Barack Obama's administration has been, uhm, terrible when it comes to environmental issues. Not that he ever had any kind of "environmental record" beyond believing some coal industry press release about a fantasy form of fuel called "clean coal,"...

Former Unicorn Obama Has Beloved Mermaid Arrested

Actress and environmentalist Darryl Hannah was one of hundreds protesting outside the White House every day this week, because of the Obama Administration's filthy anti-environmental policies that give billions to energy corporations. Here is some sad video of Hannah...