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Tag: kevin smith

Domino’s Customer Outraged After Employee Asked Them Nicely To Stop Being A Jerkwad

A customer is outraged over something a restaurant employee did. Does that outrage reveal them to in fact be the asshole? (Hint: the answer to this question is always yes.) A Domino's customer in Texas ordered a pizza five minutes...
"Come with me if you want to live." Huh? Wrong movie?

Aren’t You A Little Middle-Aged For A Stormtrooper? Your Saturday Nerdout

Happy Saturday, Wonkers! We have a whole passel of nerdstuff for you, so let's not waste any time with a lede and jump right in, because mostly you want to know why Luke Skywalker appears to have gone to...

Hollywood Liberals Conspire To Give R Rating To Children’s Film About Andrew Breitbart

Sorry, kids, but Pixar's newest release, Hating Breitbart, will be rated R, so you will have to either sneak in with fake IDs or wait for it to appear on Encore in, oh, three months. The Daily Caller smells...