keith ablow

Fox News professional psychiatrist-like person Keith Ablow is just full of fascinating insights about human behavior, such as how America elected Newt Gingrich President because he’s a virile adulterer and Barack Obama hates guns because of his daddy issues. And in fact, people with guns are almost never fully responsible for their actions, because there […]

Never one to stoop to hyperbole, Fox News Psychiatric Head Doctor Keith Ablow proclaimed 2013 the year that marriage finally died, killed by the gays and the liberals and the courts and the polygamists, and also by the celebrities, too. Game over, man. GAME OVER! And just look at the evidence: More than a year […]

Greetings, fellow captives. Have you been asking yourself WHY OH WHY did we elect that awful terrible no good very bad Obama to president us when he is so awful terrible no good very bad and hates guns because of his daddy issues? Probably not, but just in case, Fox “News” resident quack Dr. Keith […]

Ohmygod psychiatrist Keith Ablow. We LOVE this guy. He does for psychiatry what Orly Taitz does for the law. Also, too, we get to write about him all the time. Quick overview if you’re not feeling all clicky-clicky: Obama was abandoned as a child and will always have a vacant gaping hole because of it […]

So here is America’s Worst Psychiatrist, Fox’s Dr. Keith Ablow, explaining to Lou Dobbs his deep insight into Barack Obama’s pathological obsession with taking guns away: the President still suffers from his feelings of abandonment from his childhood, so he seeks to have the government run everyone’s lives as some sort of surrogate family, a […]

Here is Dr. Keith Ablow, on Fox & Friends, blowing a Bill O’Reilly-like gasket at the state of the world today, as evidenced by — you may want to escort all children and pregnant women from the room — a mom buying a doll for her son. OH SHIT! GENDER-QUEERS! Now all boys are gonna […]

For anyone out there who continues to be nauseated by Newt Gingrich’s lifelong pattern of deception, adultery, selfishness and cruelty toward his wives, you’re just looking at it wrong! What his affairs actually demonstrate, when you really think about it, are his psychological strength and fitness for office. Huh? Oh come on now, Slate, you […]

PARENTS: YOUR KIDS ARE CATCHING “THE TRANSSEXUAL” THROUGH THE TEEVEE. THIS IS SERIOUS. THIS IS HOW PIG AIDS STARTED, REMEMBER??? Fox News morality police chief Keith Ablow: Casting Chaz Bono on “Dancing with the Stars” is part of Chaz’s victory tour, which has included appearances on talk shows and the release of a book called “Transition.” […]

“A J.Crew ad that shows a top designer painting her young son’s toenails neon pink has some parents and doctors seeing red,” reports Fox News. Why are America’s physicians and people who have no role in the life of the child in question suddenly concerned with a photograph on a clothing website of a small, […]

Yes, we could assume that Glenn Beck and that other guy on this cover are this kid’s gay dads, to go for (a Wonkette record?) three-straight (three-gay) posts about gayness. But we will just advise Glenn Beck that this kid has the right strategy sliding into first; Glenn shouldn’t have his mouth open so wide. […]