katy perry

Our favorite Minor League radio preacher, Colorado’s Kevin Swanson, took a break from hating on gays and abortion for a few minutes to blame the Beatles for bringing demonic rock and/or roll to our shores 50 years ago, an event that set us on the road to this year’s Grammy Awards show, which he described […]

Hot on the heels of Katy Perry’s super-stunna-shades announcement that she would not be running for governor of Texas again, we bring you the sad shocking news that Johnette Napolitano is quitting her gig as the frontwoman for the Department of Homeland Security and embarking on a solo college music career:

Katy Perry announced today that she will not seek re-election as Governor of Texas in 2014, but would not say for certain whether she plans a presidential bid in 2016. The three-term governor has held office since 2000, when then-Gov. Kate Bush became President. Her time in office has been marked by a controversial mix […]

Let’s be honest, women. You have a TON of choices, a veritable smorgasbord, of women writers who will make you feel bad about who you are. Whether it isĀ  Suzanne Venker concern trolling the ladies and telling them that if they just weren’t so angry all the time, the mens would marry them or K-Lo […]