Hey, did you know that Congressman Darrell Issa invented your neighbor’s car alarm, the one that goes off for hours at a time, because your neighbor is a fucking asshole? Congressman Darrell Issa got the idea for a car alarm after a satisfying career as a car robber and arsonist. He made hundreds of millions […]

Famous sleazeball John Edwards still cannot quite yet stand trial for the million or so dollars in alleged campaign finance violations he racked up during his failed 2008 bid to get America to elect him President before they realized he was screwing around on his cancer-stricken wife, because he has some kind of life-threatening mystery […]

Vile behavior is usually rewarded by Idiot America (see “Michael Vick”), but there is finally some sort of financial penalty for being a repulsive screaming nutbag racist bag of clown shit on a national cable-news station owned by one of the world’s biggest media companies: advertisers flee!