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This Is Not Good News For John McCain

Well, shit. Nobody should ever have to face cancer.

Know Your Wrays: Fay Was In ‘King Kong,’ Chris Is Trump’s FBI Nominee

Not included: any discussion of William Wegman's Weimaraner Fay Ray.

Trump To Solve All His Problems By YOU’RE FIRING Some More People

The problem here is that we're not getting enough unfiltered Donald Trump!

Lib Trash Megyn Kelly Joining Lib Trash NBC News, Where Lib Trash Belongs

CONGRATS, MEGYN KELLY, even if we kinda hate you sometimes.
What do you people want from me? Leadership? Pffft.

Donald Trump Will Raise Money For Republicans Just As Soon As He Figures Out How That Benefits Him

Donald Trump doesn't see why he should hold fundraisers for the GOP anymore. What have they ever done for him?

Fox News Reminds Stupid Fox News Hosts Not To Be So Stupid All The Time

BREAKING NEWS: Fox News has 'editorial standards.' WHO KNEW?

Trump Frets November Election Is ‘Rigged’ Since He Might Not Win

Donald Trump is already preparing for the revolution that must surely be sparked if Americans fail to vote for him.

Wonkagenda, Thursday, 07/28/2016

Here's some of the stories that may grace yr Wonkette today!

My Vagina Voted Yesterday, And It Was Fantastic

Wasn't it weird yesterday when everybody noticed Hillary Clinton is a woman, and some historic shizz was going down?

George W. Bush Is Great Tipper, Terrible President, Did Not Actually Do 9/11

When a famous person comes into your restaurant and turns out to be a great customer, there are many things you should do as a server. Treat them like you would anyone else, give them good service, don't bring...

Chipotle Facing Federal Investigation For Spreading The Mega-Poops

Guess which Tex-Mex food chain just got served a heaping dollop of federal grand jury subpoena, for making all of America sick with an outbreak of norovirus.  If the words "Chipotle" and "outbreak" sound familiar to you in conjunction, it's...
Now, about my disappearing ecosystem...

Karl Rove Doesn’t Care If Your Grandbabies Die, And Other Paris Climate Change Fun-Times!

Good news, everyone! The Paris Climate Summit actually managed Saturday to reach an agreement to limit and reduce greenhouse gases, with almost every nation on the planet agreeing to reduce its emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases that...

Hillary Clinton Says It’s Her Birthday, Probably Lying About That Too

What up, Hillz Clinton? You still enjoying your celebratory Indian dinner and wine from that time you kicked ALL the ass at the Benghazi hearing last week? Yeah, we figgered. Oh what? You're also doing all the birthday shots today because Internet...
Wuss Mountain, more like.

Tyrant Obama Stealing America’s Mountains Now, Giving Them Yucky Foreign Names

Emperor Obama has issued another fatwa, and this time it is about how it's no longer okay for North America's highest peak, which is located right in the middle of Ohio in Alaska, to be named after President William McKinley,...

Michigan Teabagger Fornicator Also Accused Himself Of Child Molestation, For Jesus

As you might have expected, the twisted stupid saga of Todd Courser, the Michigan state representative who faked a gay-hooker scandal to cover up his genuine heterosex affair with another legislator, state Rep. Cindy Gamrat, and then claimed that he...