karen handel

In the closest thing to a “Super Tuesday” in this off-year election, a whole bunch of Tea Party candidates did worse than expected against “mainstream” Republicans who had better funding and who all sound like teabaggers now anyway. The biggest win of the night was less of a surprise now than it might have been […]

We’re beginning to wonder exactly who the GOP sees as its base any longer. We know it isn’t the blah people or those immigrant-y brown people or gay people or effete latte-drinking Subaru-driving liberals. Given the cock-gobbling the Republican elite gave rustic Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson after he got all racist homophobe, we figured […]

It is an election year, and if you have an appetite for wingnut stupid, you’re in luck, because the Republican Party offers an all-you-can-eat buffet. If you like your stupid Southern style, you are in extra special luck because it is super-sized in Georgia’s Republican primary Senate race. These folks have some big shoes to […]

Oh, early 2012, we already miss you. At least in February 2012, we were well rid of Karen Handel, the then-vice president of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Remember Karen? She’s the delightfully (?!) wingnutty anti-choice zealot that came up with the unbelievably genius plan to strip Planned Parenthood of monies for breast cancer […]

A week after 100-percent prime Republican Karen Handel and her completely non-ideological money thing that “best” “serves” women decided to cut its funding to Planned Parenthood because it was “under investigation” by crazies, and then undecided to once more, Handel announced her resignation Tuesday as senior vice president of public affairs in a terribly rude […]

Have you heard about the strangest new craze in breast cancer charities, the kind that doesn’t actually want to fight breast cancer? This for a brief period was the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the behemoth breast cancer research charity always running around madly putting pink ribbon stickers on everything from yogurt cups to professional football […]

Sarah Palin flew Coldmiser Airlines all the way to Atlanta to stump for Karen Handel, her mini-me running for Georgia governor in a primary runoff against Democrat Nathan Deal. A local lady wig peddler brought down this Sarah Palin mannequin head for “the real Palin” — for does such a thing exist? — to autograph. […]

It is hard not to become drunk with power when, less than 24 hours after you issue an emergency endorsement on a whim of some Georgia nobody with a funny website, said nobody finds himself toe-to-toe in the runoff with the chief staff of the guy he’s running to replace, with the Tea Party-backed supposed […]