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Stacey Dash is hip and young-(ish) and pretty and conservative and also knows who should get raped, and it is Kanye West. In a segment prefaced by blonde Fox bot Sandra Smith saying, “File this one under Just Stop Talking, People!” Dash took Kanye West to task for his ill-advised comparison of paparazzi and rapists, suggesting […]

Today over at Happy, we’ve got our fantasy of how Kanye’s children’s record would sound, our undying pledge of love for Liam Neeson, no matter what he does, we tell you what to listen to so far in 2014, teach the youngs how NOT to use Airbnb, and, as always, sideboob.

Last week George Zimmerman announced that he is giving some lucky bastard the chance to punch his grinning murder mug again and again. Rapper The Game, a giant slab of man meat, stepped up, but George Zimmerman would prefer Kanye West, because Kanye likes to attack defenseless people and apparently this causes George chagrin. Promoters […]

Since you can’t wrap up ‘arrogant self-righteousness’ in a box, what do you get your pro-life friend for Christmas? Fast Company has found self-righteousness’s runner-up: A 3D fetus “figurine”! Holy drunken goatfucker, that is creepy. But wait! Like those infomercials you watch while high at 3 am, THERE’S MORE. READ MORE

As if our president, the Glorious Moon Sun and All the Stars in the Heavens Barack Obama, has not had enough political turmoil roiling his administration in recent weeks, now he has to deal with the approbation of the world’s greatest entertainer, Yeezus himself, Mr. Kanye West. Apparently Barack Obama does not care about rapper […]

Hey, remember when Kanye West had some Thoughts (though he sadly neglected to apply bell hooks’ critique of Sheryl Sandberg’s lack of intersectionality in his exegesis of classism) on how Michelle Obama couldn’t wave her ass around like his girl could? Well ‘Michelle Obama’ responds! You’ll want to take five minutes out of your day […]

The Tea Party freshman who wormed his way into all our hearts when he held up some lame sign reading “Drilling = Jobs” at Obama’s fancy Jobs speech* like some sort of fainting Claymaniac at an American Idol “concert,” has been spotted taking in a doubtlessly cuss- and reefer-filled show by “urban” “entertainers” Snoop Dogg […]

We’ve checked with management, and it appears this will be our 21st and final post on George W. Bush’s exciting new Twitter biography, Oh Mah God Mah Fave Rapper Called Me Racist, aka The Fetus Jar. [Next Media Animation]

He appreciates it. He appreciates it. He appreciates things. [Mediaite]

WHERE IS THE CIVILITY THOUGH!  9:40 pm September 16, 2009

by Jim Newell

THERE’S NO POINT IN FIGHTING IT ANYMORE: It’s time to just enjoy the obsession with whatever Kanye West did at a children’s television ceremony. [kanyelicio.us]

First there was Terry Moran’s Twitter. Yesterday, TMZ brought us audio. And here, for your masturbation purposes, is videographic footage of Barack Obama calling ex-college student Kanye West a “jackass” for what he did during that “perfectly nice woman”‘s music video award speech, on teevee. Ben Smith found this clip first and posted it, but […]

You, the worker, have actually been getting paid more, not less, over the last year.* (*Except if you are unemployed. Salaries of the unemployed have been comparatively static.) [New York Times] The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has joined most of Congress in thinking Obama’s idea about a new surge in Afghanistan is […]

Here’s audio of our President telling CNBC people that that rapper who said one lady’s music video was better than the other lady’s music video during an annual television special for 13-year-olds… is a “jackass.” Okay. [YouTube]

Apparent MTV employee Barack Obama called human simulacrum Kanye West a “jackass.” This is in response to Kanye yelling something in bad taste to Faith Hill at the Country Music Awards, which has been plaguing our President, this altercation between two Hollywood movie stars about something, a shared boyfriend maybe. Anyway, this latest declaration from […]

Hey have you heard about the important something-or-other, on teevee, when the one hip-hop fellow Mr. Kanye West said something about the hip-hop lady? SCANDAL! Well Barack Obama hates all this dumb misogynistic consumer-good-worshiping dumb shit. [YouTube]