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It turns out that Barry Hussein Bamz-Soetoro-Alinsky isn’t the only schemer in the administration who plays 11-dimensional hopscotch, planning several steps ahead of reality to work miracles of political gamesmanship that only become obvious after the trap has sprung. Screeching rage-fueled harpy Michelle Malkin has sussed out the true intentions behind the Justice Department’s corruption […]

Here’s a huge surprise: Sarah Palin is nauseated and disgusted that Barack Obama is “Palling Around with [a] Cop-Killer Advocate” who she can’t even name, because the nominee she’s referring to, Debo Adegbile, is just too disgusting and horrifying to even mention, and is also quite blackity-blackblackblack, but that is definitely not the issue here, […]

Something weird happened when we learned that the CIA was probably spying on a Congressional committee tasked with investigating CIA abuses, including allegations of torture — you know, like beyond all the torture we already knew about. We are outraged, of course, but our outrage doesn’t feel like it used to. All we feel is […]

Hmmm… Looks like marijuana businesses in Colorado missed a bunch of winking and eyebrow waggling when Attorney General Eric Holder said that stuff about “not interfering” in states that had legalized marijuana. The AP is reporting that Federal agents raided an unknown number of marijuana dispensaries and growing sites in Colorado Thursday, confiscating piles of […]

In excellent news for everyone who’s ever harangued you about the marvels of industrial-grade hemp (which is not pot, no it isn’t, and legalizing it has nothing to do with trying to legalize the smokable stuff, man, it’s just good ecology and good economics!*), a few pioneering Colorado farmers are bringing in their first harvests […]

Another day, another instance of bank wrongdoing, this is the world we live in! Or rather, this is the world we WOULD live in if banks were capable of engaging in wrongdoing, which of course they are not, duh. Anyway, what have the banks been accused of doing this time? Oh nothing, just engaging in […]

High on our list of people we could do without is Pamela Geller, who unlike many popular figures on the extreme right really seems to believe her own hateful, attention-seeking nonsense. Like this marvel (do not click), in which she masterfully (that’s a synonym for awkwardly, right?) links Tom Perez, the Dread Hitler Obama’s nominee […]

With his B.A. from Harvard, M.A. from Columbia, and Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago, Thomas Sowell might just be the best-educated* dimwit in America. How else are we to explain his latest column, the thrust of which is: George Zimmerman should never have been tried for killing Trayvon Martin, oh and also […]

Remember all the fun we had debating whether torture was torture? Well, the good times don’t have to end, because everyone’s favorite unindicted war criminal John Yoo is back at National Review Online’s Treasury of Travesties “The Corner” to remind us all that John Yoo is a fucking disgrace. In this installment of “John Yoo’s […]

Good news everyone! No one is finally going to jail for ruining the entire economy, and many of your lives, and the lives of your children. But! Someone or someone might have to pay a fine as punishment, so at least that’s something, right?

All y’all with your Bubba hard-ons can leave right now until the next post comes on. Official Wonkette Editorial Policy proclaims Jimmy Carter the bitchinest, raddest, most fuckin’ greatest of all living ex-presidents and probably the dead ones too. Former President Jimmy Carter said that he favored legalizing marijuana during a panel discussion broadcast on […]

Oh is it Tuesday Nice Time already? Then it is time to have a story about someone NOT being AWFUL! (With a little “guidance” from the Justice Department.) And that is why you are about to read about a 13-year-old boy who is being admitted to the elite Milton Hershey School (yes, funded by the […]

Oil-soaked arsonist car thief Rep. Darrell Issa, the unlikely subpoena-wielding chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, appears at long last to be fulfilling his duty of stickin’ it to the Obama administration over one grossly exaggerated scandal during an election year. Since Issa and AG Eric Holder weren’t able to reach a […]

Barack Obama has done it now, you guys. In sober, halting, and very carefully chosen words, he addressed the Trayvon Martin case and implied that there might have been something wrong with an unarmed black boy being shot down in what appears manifestly to be cold blood. He also reminded America that he (President Obama) […]

American taxpayers (China) paid for Bush administration officials to conduct political campaign activities for the 2006 midterm elections, which violated federal law and is information that, perhaps, we could have used somewhat earlier than a half decade after the fact. This is not surprising, nor is it surprising Karl Rove directed this stuff. What’s really […]