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Offer void where brown

NICE TIME! Georgia Civil Rights Worker Not Guilty Of Blackness, We Mean Voter Fraud!

The good guys win one. It helped that the bad guys had a terrible case.

David Brooks’s Abortion Column Should Have Been Aborted

David Brooks took about 30 seconds to Brooksplain abortion to women and Democrats. David Brooks can fuck right on out of here.

We Actually Do Need To Talk About Witch Hunts

Wouldn't it be great if there weren't nuances and everyone could be Good or Evil and that was the end of it?
Viva Sandino!

Raise Less Corn, More Hell! Everything You Need To Know For May Day

It's our fifth or 20th recitation of everything our mama taught us. You're welcome!

Trump White House Says Trump Not Being Investigated, So That’s Obviously True


Trump Spending Cuts Gonna Do Austerity To Us, And It Is Going To Be AWESOME!

Well at least we'll all have the Kingdom of Heaven.

Awesome Governor Won’t Pardon *Actually Innocent* Man, Because ‘Justice.’ Guess Who, It Is Mike Pence!

Sure, we knew Mike Pence was a piece of shit. But this case really underlines the point.
Sadly, the prisoners today tend not to be Gentlemen like Mr. Pickwick

Arkansas Judge: There’s No ‘I Have Pancreatic Cancer’ In Debtors’ Prison

An Arkansas city is being sued for using its courts as a system for extracting revenue from poor people. But if it didn't, it might have to raise taxes, and how is that fair?
An old selfie of someone we don't even know shouldn't bring us to tears, should it?

No Indictments In Sandra Bland’s Death. Guess Everything’s Fine In Texas, Then

A grand jury in Waller County, Texas, has decided against issuing any indictments in the death of Sandra Bland, the African-American woman who died in a jail cell after being arrested in a traffic stop over changing lanes without...
Now fit for official correspondence

Hooray, You Can Write Cusses On Your Traffic Tickets, America F*ck Yeah!

In a victory for the aggrieved and ill-tempered among us, a Connecticut man has prevailed against the prissy shitheads in a New York town who jailed him and charged him under an unconstitutional law because he wrote BAD WORDS...
The most important sacrament is refusing to bake cakes for gays. Religion fact.

America’s Gay-Hating Cake Bakers Would Like To Be Pen Pals With Cake Bigots In Northern Ireland

The owners of Ashers Bakery in Northern Ireland, victims of the growing international menace of gay cake-eaters, might be feeling a little discouraged this week after nearly a year of legal wrangling ended with a Belfast court fining them for the "gay cake...

Revenge Porn Extortionist Sentenced To 18 Naughty, Barely Legal Years in Jail

The operator of a nasty revenge porn scheme has been sentenced to 18 years just because he tried to extort money out of innocent people. But c'mon, man, how was he even supposed to know that was a crime? For a...

Rick Santorum Hates Americans For Our Erotic Freedoms

All the probable Republican presidential candidates have been visiting the Steve Deace radio wingnut program lately, in order to explain to Real Americans that people's fundamentalist religious beliefs will ALWAYS stomp on everybody else's rights, no matter what, because...
That's some fine police work, Lou.

Orange County Cops Putting All The Kids In Jail, No Big

In 2009, celebrated Santa Ana Police Detective Andy Alvarez was tasked to investigate a bloody attempted murder case, in which a man in a Jeep pulled up to three teenagers and opened fire on them. Alvarez had two leads....

Lefty Kansas Judicial Activists Join Corrupt Democratic Plan To Win Senate Race

The left-wing loons on the Kansas Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Democratic gadabout Chadwick J. Taylor should be allowed to withdraw from the state's three-way U.S. Senate race. Taylor, suffering from acute Democrat Humility Syndrome, was cruelly bullied by...