Good news, Wonkanovas! It seems that being a perv who enjoys sending unsolicited pics of your block-and-tackle to any woman who so much as looks at you is no impediment to finding a hot young thang to settle down with! This is a relief to yr lonely-hearted blogger, who will shortly sext every woman in […]

This morning we learned about Todd Kincannon, a sensitive former executive director of the South Carolina GOP. We learned that he loves to say on Twitter that Travyon Martin deserved to be put down like a rabid dog, and also that if he had grown up (which of course he did not) he would have […]

The 9th & U Flea Market is not trying to be organic, bohemian or new age, and that’s why it’s the best market in D.C. But a quick warning: This is certainly no farmers’ market — there are more stalls selling wings and fried turkey legs than fresh produce — so don’t expect to find […]