julia gillard

Here’s a little humor from, um, down under. At a reception for the Australian and West Indies cricket teams, Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s longtime boyfriend, Tim Mathieson, took the time to discuss his work in men’s health awareness. “We can get a blood test for it, but the digital examination is the only true way […]

Above, via LittleGreenFootballs, is a quite enjoyable 15 minutes of Australian Prime Minister Tilda Swinton smearing her menses all over the leader of the opposition, Richard from Downton Abbey, for being a total sexist lorry. It is because some other dude, this “Slipper” fellow (who serves with Tilda in the Labor Party, which is center-left) […]

Did you know that Australia, the America of the Antiopdes, still squirms under the brutal heel of Elizabeth of Windsor? It is true! The Aussies came close to throwing off her yoke a decade ago, but she used her lizard-person mind powers on them somehow and they slavishly voted to keep sending her forty tons […]