judicial watch

Somehow, the end of the week brought us a flurry of stories that are all special wonderful snowflakes of stoopid, and while they’re all worthy of pointing and laughing at, we just can’t devote an entire post to each of them. After all, we have a full day of coddling radical Islam to get to! […]

David Corn has a big scoopy scoop today and it is a dose of pure, uncut, unadulterated schadenfreude injected directly into our veins. And we hate needles! Still, we shot up and our eyes rolled back in our head and we went slack and drooled on ourselves, and within ten minutes or so we were […]

We have a lot of fun here at Wonkette, writing dick jokes, putting on caption contests that you are very terrible at, and demanding that someone who does not own a car nevertheless make daily Thai food deliveries to Editrix’s lair in the vast industrial wastes near downtown Los Angeles. But we like to think […]

Do you remember when you were young and you played…well, whatever the hell imaginary thing you played? Dress-up, tea party (no, not that kind), transformers, whatthefuckever? You probably grew out of that by, say, college, because then girls (or boys! or whoever!) started looking at you a little weird. This is not true if you […]

Today in your daily jesus please shut UP Jim Hoft: the Stupidest Man on the Internet links to some  argleybarglyboo from Judicial Watch about Phoenix’s goal of getting some African-American and Hispanic lifeguards at public pools that are, you know, used by African-American and Hispanic kids. That goal includes training up folks who may not […]

Larry Klayman is an important attorney and figure on the Right. He founded Judicial Watch — which in addition to suing Bill Clinton every time he sneezed, also sued the Bush administration over Dick Cheney’s secret energy meetings. Then he did such a bang-up job suing Rachel Maddow on behalf of Bradlee Dean, that he […]

Well this is gross and awful. Larry Klayman, who made his bones with Judicial Watch, which was constantly suing Bill Clinton every time he sneezed (with his penis), and who most recently has been writing for WND and representing totally rad heavy metal children’s entertainer Bradlee Dean, may have sexually abused his own children! Ha? […]

Hey, Barack NoBAma, were you at the Iowa State Fair yesterday, cold buyin’ beers for the first 10 people to swear loyalty oaths to you for the privilege of quaffing sweet, cold Bud? When asked if he was buying, Obama said, “Let me see what’s in my wallet.” As the crowd cheered “Four more beers!” […]

Sure, sure, it may seem a little … what’s the word … counterintuitive to say the upper-middle-class black lady who grew up in a struggling South Side family and pulled herself up by her … what’s the word … bootstraps … is the one who’s comically out of touch with the American people, and not, […]