Last year, Barack Obama began his unending quest to ram Florida’s tender throat with an openly gay black judge, but Marco Rubio intervened and saved all of Florida, hallelujah Jesus be praised, because if one of the Senators from the nominee’s state doesn’t like him, that’s a nomination killer. Rubio blocked state court judge William […]

We love Elizabeth Warren. There. We said it. WE LOVE ELIZABETH WARREN! So much, in fact, that sometimes we wish we could marry her. Or, if that’s not possible, we wish we could someday cast a vote for her, but we do not live in Massachusetts so alas, this dream will not be a reality […]

This is so interesting! Birther/Obama-suer/Taitz-feuder-wither Gary Kreep, currently ahead in a race for a San Diego judgeship by like 1000 votes over the even more unfortunately named Garland Peed, is outspoken in the belief that President Barack Obama is a moon alien (duh), abortion must be prosecuted, and icky homosexuals do not deserve the same […]

Did the commonwealth of Virginia kill the judicial nomination of Tracy Thorne-Begland because he was gay? DON’T BE RIDICULOSE! No, it is just because as a gay naval officer he was outspoken against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell! And also because he acts like he is married … to a man! “He holds himself out as […]

Famous birther drag queen Orly Taitz is so frustrated right now, because no one will listen to her important ideas about Barack Obama’s fake social security number. She can’t even get justice in the court, probably because everyone there is a secret Kenyan with a fake social security number, too. Oh and also because she […]

Apparently SOME lawyers would rather recite pledges of allegiance to MUSLIM NOODLE SOUP than THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a fact that does not sit well with patriot Mississippi Chancery Court Judge Talmadge Littlejohn, who threw attorney Danny Lampley in jail yesterday for failing to recite the Pledge in court. This is rather illegal for […]

Scott Ashjian, Nevada’s official Tea Party candidate for Senate, had a top secret meeting with familiar Nevada wacko Sharron Angle, to brainstorm how Real Nevada can defeat Harry Reid, who represents the selfish interests of Big Fake Nevada. But oh no, someone or something recorded the secretive proceedings of this secret Nevada salon, and then […]

Rupert Murdoch testified to Congress about immigration. Are television comedians the only people now who are allowed to testify about Mexicans? Let’s hope so! Anyway, Rupert Murdoch is “pro-immigration,” even though his teevee network is constantly reminding Real America that the brown people are stealing all the white women, and forcing them to eat tacos […]

More proof that Barack Obama is … Nixon? A determined Republican stall campaign in the Senate has sidetracked so many of the men and women nominated by President Barack Obama for judgeships that he has put fewer people on the bench than any president since Richard Nixon at a similar point in his first term […]

RedState can’t get over Chris Christie’s no baloney governin’ style, especially his completely serious threat to “punch” the Teacher’s Union. What a man hunk … we hear gay wedding bells! [RedState] Who has time to blog as much as Matt Yglesias does? Media-saavy retired folk from the future and millions of grumpy unemployed people from […]

JUDICIAL CATASTROPHES  12:44 pm October 13, 2009

by Jim Newell

JUDGE CLAY LAND WILL TAKE THAT $20,000, THANKS: Georgia’s “best judge ever,” the dry wit Clay Land, was *not kidding around at all* last month when he put insane Birther lawyer-dentist Orly Taitz on notice for frivolous litigation: “Finally fed up with Orly Taitz’s repeated frivolous and conspiracy-ridden filings in a Birther lawsuit, the judge […]

The latest escapade from “queen birther,” the esteemed dentist-lawyer Orly Taitz, is moving forward quite rapidly and is hilarious and hopefully there will be no more updates during the writing of this post because HOLD UP ONE SECOND, PLEASE, OKAY?

This is where we are with the Republican party right now: Barack Obama could appoint Ronald motherfucking Reagan and eight of his perfect clones to run the entire Supreme Court, and the right wing politicians and pundits would stand in firm opposition to this illegal Puerto Rican socialist community organizer Nazi faggot activist “Hollywood actor” […]

No, sickos, we are not going to reveal those photos on the front page of this FAMILY PUBLICATION. Instead we will show you a clip from Judge Alex Kozinski’s appearance on The Dating Game many moons ago, before he started amassing a collection of naughty pictures and viral videos that would shock all but the […]

ALABAMA  4:55 pm September 5, 2007

by Alex Pareene