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Tag: journamalism

OMG the socialists are coming! Need Moar GOLD!

Here Is The Most Important Part Of The Monster Newsweek Investigation Into Trump’s Foreign Munneez

Newsweek has a massive look today at Trump's foreign entanglements. It is all "blah blah blah Moammar Khadafi" and "word word word Ukraine." It is very long! They probably spent at least a couple days on it! But what...
All the boys think she's a spy / she's got Bette Davis eyes

Rightwing Gal Tries To Bring Down Russ Feingold Campaign, Is As Bad At Spying As James O’Keefe

Yet another would-be rightwing dirty trickster has been caught trying to infiltrate a Democratic campaign. These folks are really crappy spies.


Yesterday, Donald Trump opened his mouth and -- in the most charitable interpretation, because we are Charity Itself -- made a "joke" about gun nuts killing Hillary Clinton to stop her from repealing the Second Amendment. This was, for...
History's Greatest Monster, 2016 Edition

Fox News SHOCKER: Hillary Clinton Beat Bill Like An Egg-Stealing Hound

Fox News, America's most reliable and trusted cable news outlet, has been muddling around for years now, trying to find some dirt on Hillary Clinton that will really stick. Benghazi, excuse us, BENGHAZHI!!1!, has turned out to be a bust. The...
We chose this instead of a picture of Dick Morris. You're welcome.

Having Found Own Level, Dick Morris Now Sucking Toes At National Enquirer

Disgraced former Clinton aide turned rightwing hack Dick Morris has a new gig at the National Enquirer, and inquiring minds want to know if he can sink any lower. Probably!

Whom Did Hillary Clinton Threaten To Murder To Get Jerry Brown’s Endorsement?

The Washington Post explains Jerry Brown's 'lukewarm' endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Lucky mindreaders at the Washington Post!

Marco Rubio Is Sick Of Your Nonsense. Marco Rubio Is Sick Of Your Nonsense. Marco Rubio Is

Marco Rubio does not think much of your "journalism," Washington Post. Marco Rubio, welcome to the club!
Nerd Fight! Nerd Fight!

Fox Lickspittle Jesse Watters And HuffPo Reporter Slapfight Over Srs Journalism

Fox News's insufferable little prick Jesse Watters got himself into a brief fuck-tussle with Huffpo reporter Ryan Grim Saturday night at the MSNBC afterparty following the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Watters, best known now as Bill O'Reilly's smug underling...
Why are bad guys always captured in dirty sleeveless undershirts? WHY?

Sean Penn Farted On El Chapo, Lived To Tell The Tale

Of all the people we'd expect to be involved with the arrest of the world's most wanted international drug lord, "Sean Penn" was pretty low on the list, below "David Tennant" (but way above "Bill O'Reilly"). And yet Penn's...

Daily Beast Finds Terroristy Name In Phone Book, Solves San Bernardino Case

It's not like none of us in journalism has ever shit the bed on a story before; it's rather a rite of passage. I once made a "dead gay son" joke without realizing Randall Terry's gay son actually was...
You can tell he's being silly because his appleheaded vagina mouth is in the "giggle" position.

Correction: Donald Trump Did NOT Threaten To Deport All Muslims To The Moon

Hello, all Wonkette's favorite liberal blogs, what are you up to? Playing a game of telephone with each other, like Ben Carson telling himself his life story? Cool. Let's watch a media frenzy unfold, but let's do it backward,...

Some Newspaper: Jerry Hall And Rupert Murdoch Totally Doing It. Sorry About Your Breakfast

The Telegraph news-paper of Jollye Olde Englande has some items of interest to pique your gag reflex: According to "reports" and "some people" and "other citations that oddly do not exist," sexy ladies man Rupert Murdoch is totally sticking...

A Mass Shooting Happened Three Hours Away. What Are You Going To Do Now?

The two foulest instances of journalism I ever witnessed were both committed by the same woman, Christina Gonzales, a TV reporter out of L.A. In the first, she stood across the street from the house of an elderly couple...

Donald Trump, Who Owns Everything But A Mirror, Called Heidi Klum Ugly

There I was, minding everyone's business, reading EOnline I guess. "The woman in question this time around was supermodel Heidi Klum. 'Sometimes I do go a little bit far,' admitted, before adding, 'Heidi Klum. Sadly, she's no longer...