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CNN Reporter Banished To Pee-oria For Asking Question At Trump Press Conference

Since when is the lying press allowed to ask questions at a press conference?

Vermont Utility Wasn’t Hacked By Russia After All. Also, Stop Worrying About Endangered Feces.

Why is everyone so upset about the plight of Soviet jewelry?
'I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.' -- Douglas Adams

2016 Was One Heck Of A Year For The Journamalisms!

2016 was a surprisingly good year for some surprisingly good journalism.
An inspiration to news geeks everywhere

Wonkette Writer Just Doodling ‘Mrs. WaPo’s David Fahrenthold’ All Over His Trapper Keeper

This is probably the best story about an intrepid reporter since 'All The President's Men.' And the reporter's a much nicer person.

Are You Reading Political Wire? No? What’s Wrong With You? Are You A Loser? (A Sponsored Post)

Where do the media elites go for the 'inside scoop' on political intrigue? Wouldn't YOU like to know!
Get ready to be sick of winning

CBS News Magically Turns Boos Into Cheers For Infallible God King Donald Trump

'Cheers,' CBS? Uh ... sure. Yes. Let's go with that.

I Don’t Know How To Tell You This, But Republicans Might Not Be Great To Women

Republican women are not terribly happy with the old boys club of the GOP these days. We can't understand why not!
North Dakota troublemakers still making trouble

Good News! ‘Democracy Now!’ Host Amy Goodman Won’t Go To Jail For Doing Reporter Stuff

Stupid First Amendment even covers troublemaking journalists. Who knew?

Maureen Dowd Even Manages To Be Misogynist Pig About Donald Trump

All the embarrassing crap that's fit to print.

Wonkette Has Donald Trump’s Back, Kellyanne Conway!

Trump campaign manager so sad Trump didn't the credit WONKETTE GAVE HIM MUST CREDIT WONKETTE!

Let’s All Apply For This Trump-Fluffing Job At ConservativeDailyPost.com!

Do YOU have what it takes to be a Trump-loving journalist who makes words good?
OMG the socialists are coming! Need Moar GOLD!

Here Is The Most Important Part Of The Monster Newsweek Investigation Into Trump’s Foreign Munneez

Newsweek has a massive look today at Trump's foreign entanglements. It is all "blah blah blah Moammar Khadafi" and "word word word Ukraine." It is very long! They probably spent at least a couple days on it! But what...