The Daily Caller — Tucker Carlson’s Internet home for upright citizens who love killing black children, and what on earth could be wrong with that? — googled the word “bigotry.” Why? Why do cows fart? Wrote Wonket BFF and Daily Caller scribe Betsy Rothstein, Google has an odd way of looking at “bigotry.” When you […]

Fox News is pretty sure that World Net Daily must know some real inside stuff about the armed-standoff goings-on at Bundy Ranch, like for instance the government causing the lunar eclipse. Also, the jackbooted thugs who come to seize yr stuff when you don’t pay your grazing fees for 197,000 years, those jackbooted thugs may […]

Hissing hate module Laura Ingraham will be joining the roundtable on ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos, apparently because they need someone who’s got the guts to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington by cutting off a recording of a speech by John Lewis with the sound of a gunshot. Or maybe […]

Some time ago, wunderkind Ezra Klein (a “wunderkind” is from the German for “wonder” and “kind,” and means “a wonderfully kind person”) announced his wunderkind explainer website, Vox, and how it would explain and explain and explain and explain and explain. For some reason, this was considered more worthy of many millions of clams (“clams,” […]

These are dark days indeed for McKay Coppins, some dumb guy from Buzzfeed who wrote a totally uncalled-for scurrilous PACK OF LIES about Donald Trump, who as everyone knows is the YOOGEST, CLASSIEST GUY, and then McKay Coppins forced Donald Trump to fire his own top aide! What a dick! It is dark days for […]

Superhero Videogame Star and onetime journalist Bob Woodward has a sad that Edward Snowden talked to other journalists instead of to Legendary Journalist Bob Woodward. Not for his own sake, of course, but for the sake of Journamalism and Standards: “I wish he had come to me instead of others, particularly The Guardian… I would […]

Here is some video of Barack Obama and family arriving at a sportsball game Sunday at the University of Maryland. They went to watch Michelle’s brother Craig Robinson, who coaches the Oregon State University sportsball men. Give it a listen, but turn it down before you get to about 2:13, when some really loud music […]

Last week, Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen, who is paid to have opinions ‘n’ things, finally realized that slavery was really, really bad y’all, like even worse than taxes and stuff. This week? It is hard to explain without going into an actual seizure, like when you are playing Japanese video games, or whatever, you […]

The tweet was promising. First, it was from K-Lo, Kathryn Jean Lopez — previously seen instructing us that we should give our kids boundaries like “no you may not shoot up a school” — and it read “When to Call an Exorcist?” OK, K-Lo, we will bite, you lovable pile of batshit. When, indeed, to […]

Daily Beast, we hope you are good and ashamed of yourself! You have been called out for your bad behavior by no less an authority on “crimes” than the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,” known to you and me as “The Taliban.”

In our Professional Journamalism Files today, a tale of Best Editorial Practices, as turned up by Tommy Christopher at Mediaite. On Thursday, CNN ran a story about a clinic in Wisconsin where the poors are having a heck of a hard time getting enrolled in the Affordable Care Act. Over a chyron reading “Clinic has […]

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, Gennifer Flowers reveals that Bill Clinton was the “love of her life,” that they’d be married and living it up today if not for Chelsea, and that Clinton confided to her that Hillary is definitely bisexual. And would you believe this incredible interview just happens to coincide […]

On MSNBC Wednesday, Chuck Todd patiently explained that it’s not the media’s job to correct lies about the Affordable Care Act, because what do you take them for, a source of factual information or something? In an interview on “Morning Joe,” former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said he believed that most opposition to the ACA […]

Hey, Serious Journamalists, are you looking for a new challenge? Maybe you’ve done your embedded time in the Iraq or the Afghanistan, and you’ve done your fair share of reporting on blowed up limbs and now you’re like, meh, how can I really push the limits of my reporting skills? Well, polish off that résumé […]

Today we bid farewell — or prepare to bid farewell, if “a source with direct knowledge” has given the straight dope to Buzzfeed — to Tina Brown as editor of The Daily Beast, and maybe, who knows, to the Beast itself: According to a source with direct knowledge of the situation, The Daily Beast parent […]