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Jonah Goldberg Discovers Funniest Story On Entire Internet

  jonah goldberg is also not a parody

Ha ha ha ha ha hahha ahah, so good, but wait, where’s the… oh…OHHHH! The story itself is the punchline! And yet, what could the specific comedic mechanism be here? Maybe ...


Jonah Goldberg Has An Advanced Degree In Zombieology

  rumors on the internets
  • What is ‘Max Baucus’? We simply do not know. [Matt Yglesias]
  • Today’s RedState lecture: “How Limbaugh’s embodiment of MLK’s dream changed my ...

When A Woman Votes, It Is As If She Is Taking A Giant Diarrhea On The American Flag

  rumors on the internets
  • The Jews have excommunicated Matt Yglesias, which means he will no longer receive the weekly newsletter. Also, he has lost his peanut butter-and-jelly challah sandwich privileges. [Matt ...

Suck It, Liberals Whose Only Pets Are Gay Cats

  america's smartest conservative columnist

Jonah Goldberg highlights one of the more controversial stances Irving Kristol took in his lifetime. But now school’s out, and Jonah’s fixin’ to get his chicken-finger-platter on and ...


Do Not Miss Out On Jonah Goldberg’s Heavy Breathing Telethon TONIGHT


National Review is so ...


The Internet Says Hurtful Things About Donald Rumsfeld, Especially ‘Wiki-wakka’

  rumors on the internets
  • A religious pilgrimage to the sacred “stone dildos” of Freiberg. Starring Matt Yglesias. Rated E for Everyone. [Matt Yglesias]
  • Donald Rumsfeld does not care ...

Joshua Goldberg Wants To Have His Say!

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At least he's not secretly married to K-Lo!MOAR WORDS!