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Whew! What a day it’s been! We’ve got singing mayors, sorry restaurants, and sexy boobs! Get into the magic, the beauty, the mayhem and the luscious madness of today’s Happy Nice Time People goodness. It’s piping hot, and at the end you get boobs! KFC said it was sorry to a little girl with facial […]

Like a lot of us, Jon Stewart is more than a little bit amazed that at Iraq hits the crazy button, a lot of the faces on cable news are the same old morons who got the U.S. into that mess in the first place. It’s like a bizarro-world version of The Blues Brothers where […]

For once, Jon Stewart said Wednesday, a news story lives up to the hype on cable news: Eric Cantor’s surprise loss to an unknown tea party Brat really was pretty spectacular. After all, Cantor was the 4th most powerful Republican in Washington, right after “Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and an AR-15- that fires baby eagles […]

Here’s Jon Stewart doing what he does best — sampling the great buffet of rightwing screaminess over the return of an American POW and pointing out that it’s all made out of some pretty sketchy artificial ingredients. Stewart is having a fine time taking on the Bergdullards, especially good old Bill O’Reilly, who finally explained […]

Jon Stewart summed up our national reality Thursday: “Let’s begin with guns, because this is America, and everything begins — and sometimes ends — with guns.” And so we are treated to a brief review of the recent pas de derp between Open Carry Texas and the NRA. The NRA foolishly suggested something reasonable — […]

Jon Stewart was in fine form Monday with this segment on the not exactly unpredictable rightwing reaction to the release of Bowe Bergdahl. You’d think getting the last prisoner out of the hands of the Taliban would be a “Magnificent Wonderful Story,” but then the starting with the battle of clichés: “We don’t negotiate with […]

Now that his initial wave of ranty anger over the Veterans Administration clusterfuck has passed, Jon Stewart brings us a brief review of our great nation’s proud history of saying nice things about veterans, promising they deserve all the support a grateful nation can provide, and royally screwing them over because actually paying for that […]

Happy Nice Time is hiring! You can be me!! Cosmos went to green screen Mars. We really really really wanted to love the Maya Rudolph variety show thingy, but we are a bit disappoint. Jon Stewart yelled and sweared a lot about the Veterans Administration mess, just like a filthy blogger. We taught you all […]

Jon Stewart was in full Rant Mode on Monday’s The Daily Show, driven to his swear jar by the recent revelations of patient waiting lists at Veterans Administration hospitals. The problem, he says, is that we’re really good at thanking veterans for their service, but not so great at actually providing them with the services […]

Hummin’ comin’ at ‘cha with Happy Nice Time Links. Alien designer H.R. Giger passed away, so we let Dok Zoom do a lovely and nerd-filled remembrance. Casey Kasem is missing, basically kidnapped by his wife and kept from his children, and we’re indescribably sad about that. BREAKING: Donald Sterling still so very terrible, but now […]

Jon Stewart managed to find a way to do serious comedy Monday with a segment on the kidnapping of Nigerian girls by Boko Haram, an act which even al Qaeda has condemned. “You know, there’s not a lot of times you’re going to get a Jewish guy to go, ‘I agree with al Qaeda.’ But […]

Michelle Obama was on Nashville last night, everybody. Jon Stewart talked 2016 and the depressing inevitability of a Bush-Clinton matchup. All of you are making a solemn vow to watch Maya Rudolph’s variety show, aren’t you? We are besaddened by the new Pixies record, but you should still read our review. There’s going to be […]

Jon Stewart spent some quality time mocking our collective fascination with discussing the 2016 presidential race, particularly as it is actually the 2014 mid-terms that are right around the corner. Never mind that! Let’s speculate about who could run! Stewart is laying even money on antibiotic resistant strep and the petrified exoskeleton of Donald Trump’s […]

There’s more tech dude nonsense to be had, this time with the keynote speaker at the Tech Crunch Disrupt festival/conference/whatever explaining how his experience making some glorified email-type application is the greatest most bestest thing mankind has done. Neil deGrasse Tyson tormented climate change deniers and young earth creationists on this week’s “Cosmos.” We’re helping […]

As you may have noticed, the conservative politico-media nexus has shifted focus: with Obamacare Fear no longer getting much traction, they’re back to Benghazi Outrage again. And here’s Jon Stewart to answer Fox News’s repeated question: Why aren’t Americans as outraged as Fox News knows they should be? Just maybe, says Stewart, it has something […]