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Jon Stewart riffs on the serious geopolitical repercussions of Russia’s invading the Crimea, which for U.S. America at least boil down to Republicans shouting that Barack Obama is weak — a manlier president would have gone immediately to Alert Condition Alpha Dawg, making Putin back down, because he’s so responsive to what other countries do. […]

The crisis in Ukraine brought out the usual “Obama is weak” trolls, and some foreign policy experts like Oliver North wished that the president would take firm action, just like Ronald Reagan did. Jon Stewart notes that Reagan’s “just do it” approach was great, if you don’t mind a little blowback after a few years. […]

Here’s The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams to provide some new lessons for Black History Month, following the killing of Jordan Davis: some survival tips for black teens in a world full of armed, “chronically terrified white people.” You want comedy born of tragedy, she’s got it. Much better than just staring in helpless frustration. Bonus […]

French President Francois Hollande visited les Etats-Unis flying solo, but the White House solved its State Dinner protocol problem: with no presidential spouse to seat next to Michelle Obama, they gave the spot to Stephen Colbert, who gracefully proclaimed himself First Lady of France. Hope some White House staffer gets a promotion for that. On […]

For the Winter Olympics, The Daily Show sent Jason Jones to Moscow, which is no longer the USSR but is now like America “with a fucked up alphabet.” Best moment of the Cold War Nostalgia groove: Mikhial Gorbachev, unaccountably still alive, threatens to put Jones through a wall for trying to pull an unscheduled interview. […]

After nearly a week, the poutrage over that Coca-Cola ad in wrong languages hasn’t abated much. Jon Stewart wonders what the fuss was about — possibly the ad’s “dangerous levels of schmaltz”? No, it’s all that scary foreign talk in an ad with a bunch of brown people. How dare they desecrate our national anthem! […]

Forget comedy; Jon Stewart is quite simply one of our best media critics, a Marshal McLuhan for stoned millennials. On Tuesday’s Daily Show, he treated us to his analysis of the pre-Super Bowl interview in which “the most powerful man in the Free World sat down with Obama” for a visit to the “Fox scandal […]

On Monday’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart welcomes notorious communist New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who calmly and politely lays out his terrifying socialist agenda for the city: equal justice and opportunity, in the form of an end to stop-and-frisk and a tax on the rich to pay for universal preschool and expanded after-school […]

The Atlanta snowstorm spawned many Larger Points, from the incompetence of local — or all — government to Internet Opinion about climate change (real/bogus/not involved). Jon Stewart notes that “weather forecasts” could have helped Atlanta, and rightwing pundit Jason Mattera tweeted that dumb liberals just don’t know about Earth’s seasons, so “global” warming is nonsense […]

Jon Stewart is in beautiful form in this analysis of post-SOTU Republican talking points. The only problem with the night’s theme — Obama just doesn’t want to do Bipartisanship — Stewart says, “is that it’s total bullshit..Premium, Grade-A grass fed free range bullshit. Collected and packaged by hand…” And then he starts getting mean. It’s […]

To mark a year that saw the Voting Rights Act overturned because it’s outdated at the same time that states made it harder for people to vote, here’s The Daily Show’s Larry Wilmore to recognize some outstanding accomplishments in making us throw our hands in the air and wondering what’s wrong with people. Or as […]

With this year’s Super Bowl being played by teams from states that have legalized weed, there are rumored shortages of Velveeta and bacon, maybe. The nation’s strategic reserves of munchies could be endangered! Or is the “Velveeta Shortage” simply an ersatz media invention, a smoothly processed story with little nutritional value? The Daily Show looks […]

So here is a clip of Robert Reich articulately laying out the case for why the minimum wage needs to be raised, and CNN’s S.E. Cupp not hearing anything but “victimizing job creators for class war.” It’s worth watching, if only for information you can use in your own conversations with wingnuts, and as an […]

Good morning! Our first Clipbait of the week brings you The Daily Show applying the logic of the War on Terror to the West Virginia chemical spill, and Stephen Colbert’s simple plan to make sure Afghanistan won’t fall apart after American troops leave: never leave. TDS had Jason Jones doing a fake remote spot in […]

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook You want Clipbait? We got Clipbait! On The Daily Show, it’s Jon Stewart vs. a million and six Fox News clips, and on The Colbert Report, Stephen has a field day with Chris Christie’s press conference. What with BridgeGahazi dominating the news […]