jon husted

The Obama campaign filed a lawsuit way back when, like last month or something, to claim that it was unconstitutional for Ohio to allow military voters early voting time in the three days before the election without extending the same time to all Ohio voters. Mitt Romney predictably lied about it, because the only things […]

It is kind of an open secret these days that the GOP is marching ever closer towards becoming a far-right nationalist movement that self-legitimates using Biblical discourse combined with claims to a monopoly on expressions of American authenticity. So we shouldn’t really be too surprised every time a prominent Republican says something overtly racist, in […]

The New York Times opined yesterday that Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted was engaging in “overt discrimination” just because he was overseeing the systematic extension of extra voting hours exclusively to Republican counties. Well, Jon Husted got really angry on this road trip that we call Election 2012, and did what pissy dads everywhere […]

It was only a few short days ago that Mitt Romney lied for no apparent reason about Barack Obama wanting to disenfranchise military voters. Somehow, giving everyone in Ohio three extra days to vote would be like the next Pearl Harbor, except instead of Japanese bombs, Obama’s planes would drop little Dennis Kuciniches to socialize […]