jon huntsman

OH JOY let us all gather round our dusty ‘puter screens with our booze supplies, since the Homeland Security Department decided to half-assedly nuke America’s television sets (not that we even own one these days), so that we may together witness the Xmas miracle of a bunch of screaming devil millionaire slobs argue over how […]

Oh, is America’s only Communist Republican Jon Huntsman “still campaigning?” Yes, according to his last three remaining supporters, his daughters. Here they are costumed variously as John Bolton and Groucho Marx, to poke fun at Herman Cain’s super shady campaign manager Mark Block from the freedom-hating “Smoking Man” ad.  No smoking, though! That is not […]

ARE WE ARE AT WAR, ALREADY?  Here is the JESUS WEEN, watching Herman Cain and Rick Perry preside over the flogging of Jesus-hater Nazi Pope common-sense rapist Mitt Romney while he sobs over the corpse of a spider, who is Michele Bachmann. It is a metaphor for all of American Capitalism. LET US CONTINUE watching […]

Look, Jon Huntsman isn’t going to win anything, ever again. He is a dull half-smart technocrat who believes in the Wrong Jesus and Evolution and seems to think Kenyan golf star Barack Obama is legally the president of AmeriKKKa.

Barack Obama’s Republican ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, would like to continue the Bush-Obama presidencies by becoming president in 2012. But that requires running as the GOP’s Republican, since the Democrats already have one who is also the incumbent, so Huntsman has been quite surprised to find out that his fellow 2012 candidates are a […]

Is everyone clutching a bottle of Advil in one hand and a bottle of vodka in the other? Does it matter which hand is holding which? NO! Tonight we will watch all 83 GOP presidential candidates stand together on a stage in Ames, Iowa and real-life Twitter incomplete sentences with all the fury of James […]

We have an old stoner uncle who also used to play in a “prog rock” band back in the hazy Kodachrome 1970s, so we’re not sure how unique this might be, but potential GOP presidential candidate and Obama appointee Jon Huntsman used to be in a nerd wizards-and-witchcraft band, where he played the nerdiest instrument: […]

Because presidential campaigns are such sausage-fests and political wives are usually pill zombies with frozen smiles, the Washington media must always find some haughty, semi-glamorous and/or drunken daughter of a candidate to find reasons to write about. Whether it’s the Bush Twins or Meghan McCain or that one grown-up daughter of John Kerry’s who once […]

Here’s some good news for ally relations: If Pakistan had noticed the U.S. troops entering Pakistan airspace to take out bin Laden in time and opened fire on them, as they likely would have, the U.S. was prepared to shoot back and send in reinforcements to fight the Pakistanis until bin Laden’s body was back […]

Former Utah governor and current Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman is going to run for the Republican nomination for president, just as he always has been, basically. He will wait until this spring, because like every potential GOP presidential candidate, he hates giving the political Internet pageviewz. Huntsman’s campaign staff will basically be John McCain […]

The Internet, as personified by a Utah State Rep., briefly suggested that Jon Huntsman’s ambassadorship means that Huntsman will be in a prime position from which to convert all of China to Mormonism, and probably Republicanism! [Ben Smith] With 18 months til the election, Harry Reid is losing to Another Candidate, the GOP’s fiery young […]