Oh noes! The nation’s top Law Enforcement Officer made a joke about weed! Doesn’t he know that pot kills and that it is NO LAUGHING MATTER? What is our once-great nation even coming to when the FBI Director can say something as horrible and shocking as the thing that was said in a hearing by […]

Duuuuuudes. Welcome to another edition of Derp Roundup, the (*koff!*) weekly feature where we roll up whatever seeds and stems are left from stories that weren’t quite compelling enough to make a full post, but too stoopid to ignore altogether, and then we, uhhhh… hahahahahaha Yeah, we totally do, man. Our first story probably could […]

Just in case anyone’s not completely tired of the saga of Tuffy Gessling, the rodeo clown who wore a Barack Obama mask (god knows we are), the always incisive folks at WND have this temporal anomaly of a headline about Obama’s appearance on Saturday Night Live in 2007: “No way! Look who’s wearing Obama mask […]

Yesterday we closed our story about wingnut outrage over Ebony Magazine’s “We Are Trayvon” covers by noting that Ebony was taking the fuss in stride, as reflected in this tweet: “We have so many Tea Party readers and followers. To lose all zero of them due to our September cover would be devastating.” We also […]

We’ve decided that there’s only one thing more difficult than coming up with a funny joke about assassinating the president, and that is coming up with a creative lede for a story about the latest small-time GOP bigot to make a stupid joke about assassinating the president. It’s all been done, even the meta stuff, […]

This morning, Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki was on MSNBC (obviously, what with all the socialisms). Remarking how busy the campaign was, she said that she’d just gotten off the campaign and been able to shower for the first time in two days. …Wait for it…wait for it… The Washington Free Beacon decided to go […]

Today there seems to be some sort of joke on, which would be a nice change — after all, we like politics, and we like jokes, so this should be a real treat! So anyway, the joke goes like this: “once, I knew a leftist that was SO DUMB — (how dumb was he?) […]

Jon Stewart performed two sold-out nights in Florida over the weekend, and the Catholic League is ALL OVER IT. Jon Stewart making Florida laugh while making fun of Florida was enough to set off a torrent of Jon Stewart Google alerts in the Catholic League’s inbox, and the organization was the thrilled to find that […]

Yawn, there goes Michelle Obama again, partying in Europe with a bunch of celebrities when she is supposed to be doing her job (locking Malia in her room until she eats her broccoli). This time, our FLOTUS is not even trying to mask her frivolous night out as “official business,” shamelessly eating at an Indian […]

The White House sent official court jester Joe Biden for a visit with U.S. corporate parent company China to do a little self-deprecating diplomacy dance routine for China’s annoyed rulers to convince them the wayward middle management in Congress won’t sink their investments. Richard Nixon used to just be able to mail a few ping-pong […]

The past few days, the media have engorged themselves on a litany of little details about Osama bin Laden’s living conditions at the time of his death. But today, they’ve seen to hit a wall. Look, government officials, it’s not like they’re going to look into the veracity of whatever you give them, just throw […]

Other ways in which Scalia is exactly like that irritating uncle of yours: Chief Justice Roberts has a light, witty touch, while the laughter that follows a long hypothetical question from Justice Breyer can feel like an expression of relief. Justice Scalia, by contrast, will repeat jokes mercilessly, raising questions about whether he has artificially […]

Haha, that whole audience of people who didn’t have to shoot or be shot by Iraqi insurgents for years on end thinks this is a very funny joke! But, of course, the thing is that Bush did have an exit strategy when he tried to leave that event in China. The strategy just didn’t work. […]

President Barack Obama jokingly puts his toe on the scale as Trip Director Marvin Nicholson, unaware to the President’s action, weighs himself as the presidential entourage passed through the volleyball locker room at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, Aug. 9, 2010. That’s your prez! Always with the jokes! (When he’s not GOLFING.) Nice […]

Remember Michelle Malkin? Apparently Aisha Tyler does, because she mentioned on a radio show that she would like to kick Malkin “right in the nuts if I met her.” Michelle Malkin has seen this, has gasped and hyperventilated in horror, and does not like these funny librul ladies mocking her “sexuality,” which is apparently what […]