Well, who knew! Turns out that the person who generated the amateurish Photoshop of President Obama all dressed up as Heath Ledger’s most famous character short of a gay cowboy is, indeed, an amateur user of Photoshop! He did not append the dumb “SOCIALISM” tagline to the picture, though. That was the work of some […]

Finally, we have an Arts Writer to tell us what that weird “SOCIALISMS & BARACK OBAMA AS HEATH LEDGER’S JOKER” poster means. We would summarize, but the article is nearly 1,000 words long! Read it and find out! Or click the clicky to find out what two of your editors thought of the poster in […]

What motivates Senator Patrick Leahy? Money? Sex? Sex for money? Public service or whatever? No. No. No. It is Batman, and only the Batman, that gives Pat Leahy the will to live, in Washington. He was briefly seen (but not heard) in the Batman and Robin movie of a few years ago — the one […]