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So The Hill did its Most Beautiful People Thingy, and they picked Jeff Flake to be the most beautiful person on Capitol Hill. That is weird right? Like, that is him, above. Um? The Hill is obviously staffed by sexless robots — not the good sexy robots like Tina, or John Thune. We mean really. […]

Climate change and contributing factors from carbon-intensive societies will cause the deaths of an estimated 100 million people in the next 18 years, according to a report released today that politicians will be paid handsomely to throw away and never think about again. More than 90 percent of those deaths are expected to happen in […]

Remember that whole thing a few years ago, something about how the banks ruined the housing industry, your employment prospects, your children’s employment prospects, and the entire country, really, and in turn got billions of dollars from the taxpayers and continue to rake enormous bonuses and pretty much set the economic policy of the entire […]

Yesterday, late-night television, today, THE FAMILY FARM! President Obama is on a quest to ruin all the fun the conservatives are having now they’ve got a/their man, and the latest method is to tell people who own farms that their children can’t necessarily work on them because they are children? Crazy. “For generations children and […]

Poor old fart Arlen Specter spent thirty years ambling around the Senate floor sneaking up on slow-moving colleagues and torturing them with sermons on political moderation, so we expressed a duly moderate skepticism when the Huffington Post promised us the “steamiest moments” from Specter’s new memoir, about politics. Because, since when do Supreme Court nomination […]

For months now, my wife Kimberley and I have received encouragement from family, friends, colleagues, and supporters from across South Dakota and the country to run for the presidency of the United States. We have appreciated hearing their concerns about where the country is headed and their hopes for a new direction. During this time, […]

John Thune is thinking about running for president. Of course he is. But no, really, he actually admits he is! That is not allowed. Every potential presidential candidate is supposed to be coy. Anything else should be illegal and punishable by death. Still, he isn’t sure if he will run. “It’s a different scenario maybe […]

Crisis has been averted: The government will probably not shut down at the end of the week, because Democrats put together a giant spending omnibus thing that will fund it for the next fiscal year. And what’s in the omnibus? Nobody really knows, but it’s all greased up and seems to have been cooked well, […]

This article is basically great. Because naked penis/vag shower run-ins, it seems, are the norm! More normal than apple pie or baseball or Cleveland Steamers: “The private gyms are sanctuaries where lawmakers can huff, puff and disrobe knowing that only fellow members will see them.” Giggle!

C’MON! SINISTER DAVID BROOKS CAN’T BE THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED JOHN THUNE (R-SD) IS “SUN-CHAPPED” IN A “PRAIRIE” SORT OF WAY: “The first thing everybody knows about him is that he is tall (6 feet 4 inches), tanned (in a prairie, sun-chapped sort of way) and handsome (John McCain jokes that if he had […]

Bobby Jindal bought himself a $1 scratch ticket for his birthday — Barack Loot — and look, he won! Even Indian people in Louisiana can live the American Dream. [Think Progress] Joe Biden loves the ladies. The Ukrainian Ladies. [HuffPost] REDSTATE SIREN! Call your senator and demand that John Thune’s “Protect Yourself From Homos” amendment […]

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