john rocker

You know the biggest problem with conservatives and humor? Did you answer “because they’re such bullies and boors you can never figure out if they’re being serious or not”? You are exactly right! Congratulations to you! As a perfect example of our inability to distinguish between whether one of their ilk is engaging in actual […]

It has been a rough week for non-thugs in America, as blackity-black people are flaunting their sportsball prowess all over the place. Why, even Michelle Obama used the precious sacred White House space to FLOTUS like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and dunk on the Miami Heat. That’s some straight up hooliganism there. Barbara […]

John Rocker, he’s this guy. You remember him from being a balls-out racist, and maybe from those times he writed very important columns full of very big words, at the Internet Repository for Washed-Up Lunatics, WND. Well, now he has more things to say, and those things are that he is way more awesomer than […]

John Rocker, a famous racist person whose steroid use 15 years ago propelled him temporarily into Major League Baseball, has opinions and stuff. Like many dense white people who lost their only job to more talented foreign individuals, Rocker has found solace in the sewage treatment plant of the web that is World Net Daily. […]

John Rocker, the pretty good pitcher turned pretty huge asshole turned pretty bad right-wing columnist, has some thoughts that he and his thesaurus would like to share with you, about America’s place in the world, and about his very deep concerns that “the evolutionary processes within our society regarding specific intangible ideologies that have transformed […]

Who could forget the magical year 1999? Bill Clinton proved that it was Constitutional for the president to get a blowjob from a lady to whom he was not married, the stock market was on a nonstop rocket ride to the moon thanks to the new-fangled Internet, and Atlanta Braves relief pitcher John Rocker was […]