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Anthony Weiner’s Dick Explodes All Over Hillary Clinton’s Emails

A Children's Treasury Of Folks Wondering What The Hell Kinda Stunt James Comey's Trying To Pull Here

Fox Nation: Did Obama Voter Fraud All Of Philadelphia?

In fifty-nine Philadelphia voting divisions, Mitt Romney received zero votes. Fifty-nine. Zero. Italics. Fox Nation posts this Philadelphia Inquirer article, leaving their commentariat to worry that maybe Obama totally vote-frauded the city, and Romney would have won if not for Obama's grand...

Commenting On Commentary, With A Denby Cameo Because Of Course

Let's look at Commentary magazine, the famous neocon rag now edited by John Podhoretz, who can be easily analogized to Bill Kristol, I guess, for having a much more intelligent and talented father and then sort of soiling the...


Remainders: Oh, the Beauty of It All

This Is Your Atlas on Gipperporn

Novak’s Secret Flak Decoder Ring