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Look, one of those rare humans who procured a print copy of today’s Washington Post noticed that evil war and death corporation Lockheed Martin purchased a creepy full-page, full-color “In Memoriam” ad to “honor” dead Jack Murtha, replete with company logo! And slogan! Right there!

BREAKING DEATHS  3:14 pm February 8, 2010

by Jim Newell

THE MURTHA IS DEAD, THE MURTHA IS DEAD: Whoa hey: “Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.), 77, a Vietnam veteran who staunchly supported military spending and became a master of pork-barrel politics, died today following gallbladder surgery at Virginia Hospital Center.” THERE, HAPPY NOW, REPUBLICANS? [Washington Post]

My stars, what a fun Wonkette Weekend we are having! We decided to start posting everyday through the election after you people kept e-mailing us about how we are lazy. Well fine, you’ve got your weekend “phunnies,” lunatics, and it comes at the expense of Jesus sending us to Hell for working on a Sunday, […]

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