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America, are you ready to take a chance again? Are you ready to have the white-hot flames of passion lick at your nether regions? Are you pining for a real man who will sweep you off your feet? Are you wishing you’d never lost that lovin’ feeling? Then America, you are so ready for the […]

Last night on CBS Evening News, they closed with a lovely little segment of famous — and non-famous — people reading snippets of Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.” We were worried that we were including a bit too much Maya, since we had two pieces yesterday, but then we remembered there […]

Louie Gohmert, always on the lookout to prevent the doom of our nation, is extremely upset with John Kerry for having suggested that maybe it is a bad thing the way they treat the Palestinians and that maybe they should stop and sign a peace treaty before it goes further and they have Apartheid. Which […]

So this was kind of surreal: Rachel Maddow tossed together three mostly-unrelated clips with the excuse of illustrating “three stages of political conflict that fall short of an actual war.” As analysis, it’s a bit superficial, at best, but as a framing device for three disparate instances of weirdass political conflict, it gets the job […]

Did you all know Barack Obama is gallivanting around the world, telling the Hague he is going to blow up Manhattan we think (?) and then jetting off to see his fellow communist, New Pope, Francis I? Who does he think he is? Russell Crowe? We did not even know our Barry was gone, since […]

Remember the Golden Era of Lyndon LaRouche circa the mid-1980s where you couldn’t go anywhere without getting accosted by the LaRouche people sporting that weird shiny glimmer in the eye that is the sign of a true believer zealot? Do you miss them now that there are only random pockets of LaRouchiness happening in the […]

One day, 17 or 8 or 92 years ago, when wise and beneficent Leadership Shower Sarah Palin was first becoming the national Thought Leader we know and know today, she said a thing, and that thing was that Barack Nobummer was such a weak homosexual girly man (paraphrase) that Vladimir Putin would do sex in […]

Rejoice, Comrades! Commissar of State John Kerry said today that Comrade Obama and Comrade New Pope will meet “at some point in the near future.” The glorious coming together of the God King of Islamic Marxism and the Papist Enemy of the Free Market is expected to mark the start of a worldwide People’s Revolution, […]

We are in the wrong bidness. For serious, we thought that blogging meant we could be drunk all the time (check), work in our pajamas (check), and rant semi-coherently with terible grammer (check and check). BUT YOU GUYS, we are officially quitting and joining the State Department, because you gotta see their benefits. As the […]

We watched Storage Wars last night instead of the President’s address on Syria, but we read the transcript and we give it a B. Hit the right marks, soaring rhetoric kinda phoned-in. So now let’s commence the giving of mad Syria props because the new narrative is that they solved it with a year of […]

The story so far: Barack Obama said: “I am terrible at foreign policy, therefore I will say a bunch of stuff I only half-mean, such as that there’s a red line, and that I’m going to bomb everybody, but it will be obvious I don’t want to, and everyone will think I’m a moron.” Then […]

Oh, Pat Buchanan, you must be having a fine old time with this Syria thing. There’s a crisis in the Middle East, so let’s see if we can possibly look behind the curtain and see who’s REALLY driving the agenda, because of course it can’t simply be the Obama Administration scrambling to come up with […]

Remember that time John McCain went on all the teevees to yell about how we really needed to be having some very important classified meetings about BENGHAZI!!!!11!!1, at the exact same time some very important classified meetings about BENGHAZI!!!!!11!!1 were actually happening? Well, fool him once, won’t get fooled again, because this time he actually […]

So you remember that charming young man, Mark Kessler, the police chief for Gilberton, Pennsylvania? He’s the guy who wants to “cleanse” America of all the enemies of liberty, like libtards who all “take it in the ass.” He also posted a video where he shot up targets that he labeled “Nancy Pelosi” and “John […]

Well, gosh, nobody saw this coming. Somehow, it is supposed to be hugely controversial that Secretary of State John Kerry was on his boat for part of the day when the Egyptian military picked a new Pharaoh last week, because foreign governments totally pay attention to whether American cabinet members are behind a desk or a binnacle. Then […]