john kasich

Well, that escalated quickly. On Monday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich threw away any hopes of ever being on a Republican national ticket and used This One Weird Governor Trick to expand Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act, in defiance of the state’s Republican-controlled legislature. In response, six members of the legislature and two anti-abortion groups […]

We will have to ask Kid Zoom, boy president of our Teen Korner for Teenz, what kind of gateway sexual activity they are teaching in Idaho these days (we are guessing: pooper-only, to save the Hyme for your Husby). If any of you know any other teenz — although why would you? — please ask […]

How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb? One and that’s not funny? Oh no no no no. Feminists don’t change lightbulbs, apparently, if Ohio Governor John Kasich’s wife is around! That is because she does everything that could need doing — the laundry, the sammiches, never letting him forget he’s a man […]

If you were a governor, would you ever appoint someone to a state board, just because of his or her race? Of course not, that would be racism, even if that person’s race has been historically underrepresented on that board, and the board’s mission involves tackling persistent racial inequalities! That’s why Ohio Governor John Kasich […]

It’s not everyday a governor gets the great good fortune to prove his vice-presidential bona fides while also totally boning the citizens of his state, but lucky Ohio Governor John Kasich found just such a marvelous opportunity after five tornadoes ripped through the Rust Belt, leaving three Ohioans dead (out of the region’s 39, so […]

Ohio Gov. John Kasich gave his State of the State speech this week and how did that go, The Hill? “Kasich’s speech was laced with repeated mentions of his wife, Karen Kasich, an impersonation by the governor of someone with severe Parkinson’s disorder, and a reference to Californians as ‘wackadoodles.’” Sounds like it went well. […]

OMG CRAZED LIBTARD GODZILLA ATE WINGNUTS FOR LUNCH (and then had horrible indigestion). Scenes from the massacre yesterday: Kochsucker thug John Kasich’s Ohio union-busting law was demolished; in Mississippi, the criminally insane anti-abortion “personhood” amendment was shredded, a new GOP-sponsored Maine law banning Election Day registration went up in flames, Republicans got hammered in Kentucky, […]

Take heart, angry war fetus! The cranky olds of the Ohio House of Representatives have imaginary-heard your testimony and finally passed their “Fetal Heartbeat Bill,” an unconstitutional law that prohibits abortion after six weeks. In other words, this was a law passed “for fun,” as it has no chance of becoming actual law. Here is […]