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Why Is Barack Obama Politicizing The Presidential Medal Of Freedom?

There we were, trying to find stupid Donald Trump or someone on the teevee — because this is our life, people. This is our life. And all of a sudden, there was Barack Hussein NOBAMA!!! hanging a medal around the neck of OG farmworker hero Dolores Huerta. It was no stupid Donald Trump, but we guessed it would have to do! The fun thing about the Presidential Medal of Freedom is the president gets to personally pick his or her (haha right) heroes, and while we imagine it’s also VETTENINGED to death by his or her (haha right) staff, it still gets that personal flava. ALSO it is fun in an election year to put on our Politico hat and decide that everything is a baldly partisan bid to shore up constituencies, and so you have your Dolores Huerta (‘Spanics), your founder of the Girl Scouts (girls), your John Glenn (Ohio, the moon), your Toni Morrison (awesome old ladies with Medusa hair), your Shimon Peres (Jewishes), your Bob Dylan (hippies, boomers, jerks who think it’s cool to wear shades to your Medal of Freedom honoring), your Madeleine Albright (girls, Jewishes, secretaries of state). And then there was Pat Summitt. Read more on Why Is Barack Obama Politicizing The Presidential Medal Of Freedom?…