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He Seems Nice: ranty race-baiter Tucker Carlson took a few minutes of his busy day Friday to explain to conspiracy slug Alex Jones that the real problem this country faces is that the U.S. Government is just too intent on keepin’ the oppressed white man down: “The federal government takes sides and hands out spoils […]

Oh, ladies in the military. Why are you so bad at not getting sexually assaulted? We know it can’t possibly be because the military has a terrible culture about sexual assault. Of course not. The far more likely explanation is that you ladies are eccentric gold-digging whores. Yes, the illustrious John Derbyshire, who got fired […]

After a month or so of really kind of absurd arguments that every poll in existence was skewed because of liberalism and Nate Silver being a big gay homosexual, we have now come full circle: Jim Geraghty at the National Review has decided that those who criticize morons are basically calling them racists. So a lot of […]

Doodly doodly doo, twitter twitter twitter. Oh, what’s this? Bryan Fischer, of the wonderful and loving and Christian in totally the best sense of the religion American Family Association, do you have some Thoughts on the Sikh temple massacre, which you think would be important to share with the world? FANTASTIC. But hmmm, we are […]

Don’t cry too hard for poor John Derbyshire, thrust squalling from “the hushed, oak-paneled, Chambers-of-Commerce-financed precincts of Conservatism Inc., whose entrance is now barred against [him] by an angel with a flaming sword.” He has now settled easily into the loving embrace of Michelle Malkin and VDare, which is among your more-respectable groups of white […]

Oh, guess we sort of answered our own question there, duh, it is because they are black! Christopher Johnson and Nathaniel Claybrooks are two hot black guys who are also football players, and they wanted to be on television but they never got chosen for the wildly popular television program “Bachelor Wives” because of blackness […]


Our old pal John “Salad Days” Derbyshire no longer has a job at National Review after writing one measly most racist column in Internet history, on a paleoconservative fringe site. (Your author wrote a whole bunch of words about this for the Salon website instead of on Your Wonkette, because he is a traitor.) Indeed, […]

HA, best story of the year, right here. (Maybe.) The National Review‘s John “Salad Days” Derbyshire, whose opinions closely resemble what his name suggests his opinions might be, recently delivered a lecture to the Black Law Students’ Association of the UPenn Law School about old-timey racial theory, and how he completely believes it. What is […]

Political scribes at National Review’s The Corner — the #1 Internet blog — have displayed a range of reactions to the passage of last night’s abortion mandate. Mark Steyn and John Derbyshire, for example, are pretty sure that the entire world (America) will start disintegrating into barbarism, Jonah Goldberg believes something about a super-collider (?), […]

Frothy British Tory and leisurely National Review writer John “Salad Days” Derbyshire, most famous for being a pervert and excoriating students at Virginia Tech for not properly defending themselves against that gunman, has a new book coming out, just like every other asshole. Within this anger-pamphlet is a section called, “The Case Against Female Suffrage.” […]