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What Wingnut Thing Did Mike Huckabee Say At That Conference?

  2012: a race to the bottom


They Walk Among Us


This week, you numbskulls spotted Patrick McHenry, Scooter Libby, Tim Russert, Doc Rivers, Matthew Lesko, Tom Feeney, Dave Chappelle, John Bolton, and Condi Rice skulking around DC (and elsewhere). Your amazing stories, after the jump.


The Chaste is On


This week, Dawn Eden, Patrick Fitzgerald, Bill Emmott, John Bolton, John Boehner, and John Ashcroft were all spotted being various degrees of famous at various places by our spies and operatives. Voyeuristic fun, as always, is after the jump.


Wonk’d: Shiny-Haired Media Whores


What makes John Bolton such an asshole? Is Joe Lieberman just pretending to be Jewish? How thankful is Tim Russert for the Sunday morning make-up gay at NBC? Does Chris Dodd hate his family as much as we think he does? ...

Wonk’d: Hark! The Herald Sightings Sing


The tipsters have gotten themselves on the “good” list and uncle Wonk’d has loads of stocking stuffers for an early Christmas. These presents might not be as good as the ones Laura Bush was seen buying, but you get what you pay for. Unwrap a jaywalking ...

Gossip Roundup: Plastics


* Heard on the Hill: Rahm Emanuel puts Ken Mehlman in a “mini-bear hug,” asks what he’s doing next, says, “Banking, Ken, that’s where the money is” … Surprise entertainment at the exclusive RIAA holiday party? ...