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Who Was Roy Cohn And Why Hath He Forsaken Donald Trump? Apart From Being Dead And All.

Spoiler: Roy Cohn never had a sled named 'Rosebud'

Where’s Your Roy Cohn, Donald Trump? Oh That’s Right, He’s In Hell.


Lindsey Graham Two Jameson Shots Away From Shrieking, ‘I’m With Her, Y’all!’

Lindsey Graham is APPALLED, we tell you, APPALLED, by Donald Trump's impolite racism!
The Sarah Palin Fartknocker Report, Presented By Fartknocker

The Fartknocker Report: Sarah Palin Will Murder The ATF And Its Jackbooted Thugs

Emboldened by last week's victory for the rights of gun-humpers to be able to ALSO be able to hump bullets, Field Marshall Sarah Palin presses forward. She has offered the Kenyan tyrant Obama clear and simple terms: abolish the Bureau of...

WND Columnist Complains About Continuing ‘Slander’ Of Joe McCarthy, Without An Ounce Of Irony

There are ebbs and flows in the deluge of rancid insanity that oozes into the turd-polishing traps of World Net Daily. Right now we experiencing one of those VERY high tide days. Ted Nugent posted about how he loves...

Who Do You Think Are Florida Rep Allen West’s ’80 Communists’ In The House of Representatives?

If Florida Representative Allen West says there are 80 Communists in the House, then there are 80 Communists in the House! (Allen West is not talking about your garden-variety Barack Hussein Obama Communists; he is talking about actual members...

Ask a Hill Staffer: Keep Quiet