joe lieberman

Lo, Wonkettians, the day you have either neither dreaded nor anticipated, but instead have felt a collective “meh?” about has finally arrived. Yes, the not-at-all-beloved Joe Lieberman, America’s droopiest senator, after announcing close to two years ago that he would leave the Senate after the 2012 elections, has thank god finally left the Senate. Let’s visit […]

Guess what? It is a new day, so it is time to talk about Lindsey Graham again. We will get to write about this until the end of time, apparently. This poses a problem for yr Wonkette because there are only so many old-timey gay ads we can use in stories about him. Fortunately, there […]

A group of weepy warlords in the Senate including ol’ Jowls McGoo Joe Lieberman are busily soiling their Depends over a $487 billion planned reduction in defense spending over the next decade that was included in the White House fiscal year 2013 budget. But know who is not having a whiny meltdown over the proposed […]

Hey girl. You probably already heard that the GOP blocked the Buffett Rule, the “political” “gimmick” that says millionaires have to pay as much in taxes as Ronald Reagan’s secretary. Everyone knows that making millionaires pay the same rate as losers like you means punishing them for their success. ONLY YOU ARE TO BE PUNISHED, […]

YEE-HAW it is time for Barack Obama’s third (and possibly final) State of the Union address! How excited is everyone, to listen to our President describe the many ways in which our country’s problems are mostly the fault of the worst-ever Congress in history that Americans themselves elected, so thanks a lot? He will probably […]

Fearmongering terror toad Joe Lieberman is the worst person in the Senate — not because he’s the dumbest, or the most personally repulsive, but because he has spent the past decade using his supposed “credibility” as a Democrat senator to wage domestic war against the American People. His latest attempt is an Internet Gulag for […]

Aw, Sasha and Malia Obama looked sort of annoyed and bored, like the rest of America, during their dad’s ritual Thanksgiving lecture explaining how it would be impossible for him to do so much as rescue a single freaking turkey from death were this subject to a vote from Congress, even to save “Liberty” and […]

Old persons’ program 60 Minutes is about the only thing on the teevee that occasionally does journalism. So when the nation’s half-dozing seniors saw this report air last Sunday about how the representatives in Washington have turned the Halls of Congress into a Temple of Insider-Trading Whoredom, you knew there would be some serious upheaval, […]

We’ll probably do more on this shortly, but for the moment: one can only imagine the quantity of wet Depends flying around the McLieberHamBiscuits team offices in celebration right now — crazy old murderous dictator Muammar Qaddafi is super duper dead as a door nail after NTC fighters found him hiding in a drainage pipe. Yes, […]

America’s most hated sagging senatorial sack of jowls and pus has dug another bilious canto of hate from his decaying bowels to cough into America’s face! Crusader warlord Joe Lieberman, this time: Obama is losing America’s wars on brown people because he refuses to formally call every violent extremist on the planet worth killing an […]

America’s ugliest angel of war Joe Lieberman hobbled onto the Senate floor during the debt ceiling debate today to complain about how budget reductions will affect his favorite taxpayer-funded school for disadvantaged children, the Pentagon. Lieberman frames the debate over spending cuts by explaining that we should all begin viewing Social Security and national security […]

Hey look, it’s the three bestest friends ever, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman! Who’s that fourth guy they’re with? Are they looking to add a member to this terrific team of winning policy minds? Oh, it’s Muammar Gaddafi. This must have been taken a million years ago, right, considering all of them now […]

Oh, look what you did. You gave Joe Lieberman precedent to invade pretty much any country on the planet under an authoritarian regime. He says it’s “consistent” to invade all these places. Well, he’s not wrong! Lieberman’s days may numbered, and he probably should be ignored by everybody at this point, but somehow we get […]

Look, Joe Lieberman knows what we did wrong in Iraq: We didn’t invade soon enough! Mr. Lieberman and others argue that the risks of waiting may be far greater than the risk of an early, decisive military intervention. He acknowledged that as in Iraq, the United States might unleash an uncertain future of tribal rivalry […]

Tragedy last week: Death-machine makers are losing one of their “friends with benefits,” insufferable phlegmy Senate goblin Joe Lieberman. Making matters worse, the voters of Connecticut have also gotten rid of Chris Dodd, for being terrible. “With both of the state’s senators departing Congress, companies like United Technologies will have to scramble to shore up […]