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Over at Michelle Malkin’s Twitter Dump for Adderall Deficient Jackanapes, the wingnuts are having a giant happy because fast food workers across the nation are striking for a living wage, which gives the knuckle-dragging cholesterol bombs of the right an excuse (as if they needed one) to patronize every McDonalds and Hardees from sea to […]

Hola, Wonketeers! It’s time once again for another frighteningly disturbing Wonkette Sci-Blog. Help yourselves to a bowl of ayahuasca and come on in! Whew! I’ve finally gotten all cleaned up and straightened out from another year’s Halloween. It’s truly a wonderful holiday – all the neighborhood children don clever costumes and run right up to […]

So by now you’ve probably seen the bit from yesterday’s Obamacare Website Blame Hearings where New Jersey Democrat Frank Pallone called the proceedings a “monkey court” (wrong species, guy) and accused Republicans of trying to scare people away from signing up for the Affordable Care Act. What’s gotten a bit less attention was the substance […]

Remember when hero Congressman Joe Barton apologized to British Petroleum for all the bother the US government was causing it, by forcing it to maybe mitigate some of the hellfire it had sort of rained down upon the Gulf? Those were good times, like when the old man apologized to Dick Cheney, for having been […]

Republican caucus! Republican caucus! Look what Joe Barton made! He put together a slideshow about how he will be the best Energy and Commerce chairman ever. He worked really hard on it, as you can see from the slide above comparing the denying of access to health care to being the good guys in World […]

What does being the only man in America to apologize to BP for this past summer’s oil spill get you? Why, the chairmanship of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, of course! Joe Barton is still somehow the ranking Republican member of that committee, so he will probably get that job, even though his party […]

Last night was the much anticipated Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game and somehow your Wonkabout convinced our dearly departed editor Jim Newell to join her for the adventure. New editor Jack refused to leave his home, cats and whatever, and missed the annual Wonkette field trip. At the Big Game Republicans and Democrats showed off […]

Has Joe Barton stopped apologizing about his BP comment and letting himself be paddled by Republican leaders and come back around to knowing he was right when he said it? Dave Weigel. SHOOK DOWN (looked at) Joe Barton’s Twitter account, and it would appear so! This tweet directs “readers” to an American Spectator article that […]

Remember when everybody was so outraged about actual Oil Industry Millionaire Joe Barton apologizing to BP for all the trouble America caused by allowing BP to destroy the entire Gulf of Mexico? And the GOP House leadership dragged Barton into a back room and slapped his cheeks gently with their flaccid old orange penises? And […]

Oh yeah, good idea, people totally won’t get all pissed off and populisty about you going to watch your yacht compete in a yacht race, Tony Hayward. That will definitely ingratiate you with the small people of the Gulf Coast. It’s just like their favorite sport, NASCAR. NASCAR has its roots in bootleggers modifying their […]

Here’s a charming video showing all the times Tony Hayward said “I don’t recall” or “Not my fault” or “Sorry, can’t hear you!” during his testimony before Joe Barton’s Oil Industry Fan Club on Thursday. Seems like just yesterday when people would put up all kinds of “mashups” or whatever, about Current Events, but only […]

It was hardly a good day for BP CEO Tony Hayward, who mumbled “I don’t recall” and “I was not part of that decision making process” enough times to qualify for the Iran-Contra Memorial Bullshit Award. But Tony must be resting a little more comfortably tonight knowing that one of his own supposed tormentors on […]

Here is the corporate troll and traitor Joe Barton (R-Texas) apologizing to BP for the terrible inconvenience America has caused BP, and also promising to move back to communist-land because he hates America so much. Now a Republican congressman from Florida wants Barton kicked off the energy committee for being such a dildo.

Comical Texas Rep. Joe Barton sure as hell does not want one iota of added oversight to the oil industry as a result this “insane oil spill” liberal conspiracy theory. But he cares, anyway.

You didn’t think we’d forgotten the baseball post, did you? Never! Our full coverage of last week’s annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game was always destined to come on Sunday, because Sunday is a day for watching baseball after Church. This was always the plan. Always. Always time infinity. (Lies.) So let’s take a photo […]