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scott pruitt looking kind of insane in video screenshot

Scott Pruitt Goes To Congress, Belches Out Smog

New EPA regulations allow him to dump unprecedented amounts of bullshit on the floor of Congress.

Fuck Your Thoughts And Prayers, Joe Barton!

Five Dollar Feminist is MAD ABOUT A THING.

Trump Bigger Than Jesus! Wonkagenda For Fri., Dec. 1, 2017

GOP money fuckery, Trump lights a tree, and Walmart apologizes for trying to kill journalists. Your morning news brief.

James O’Keefe Steps On His Dick (Again). Wonkagenda For Tues., Nov. 28, 2017

James O'Keefe gets schooled by WaPo, Republicans scramble to pass their tax cuts for the super rich, and Democrats are salivating at their 2018 chances. Your morning news brief.

Trump Finds A Website Worse Than Fox News. Wonkagenda For Mon., Nov. 27, 2017

The GOP still can't figure out what it's doing, REXXON is blowing off security briefings, and Melon Trump hates being FLOTUS. Your post-vacay morning news brief!

House TrumpCare Committees Stayed Up SO LATE To Do People’s Work, Of Murder.

Let's all visit the sausage factory!

Conservatives Turn Out In Support Of Poor Beleaguered Rapacious Fast Food Corporations

Over at Michelle Malkin’s Twitter Dump for Adderall Deficient Jackanapes, the wingnuts are having a giant happy because fast food workers across the nation are striking for a living wage, which gives the knuckle-dragging cholesterol bombs of the right...

Killer Typhoons, Low-Information Congressmen, And Giant Snakes, All In This Week’s Sci-Blog

Hola, Wonketeers! It's time once again for another frighteningly disturbing Wonkette Sci-Blog. Help yourselves to a bowl of ayahuasca and come on in! Whew! I've finally gotten all cleaned up and straightened out from another year's Halloween. It's truly a...

Texas Rep. Joe Barton Being Dumb Again, Obamacare Edition

So by now you've probably seen the bit from yesterday's Obamacare Website Blame Hearings where New Jersey Democrat Frank Pallone called the proceedings a "monkey court" (wrong species, guy) and accused Republicans of trying to scare people away...

Gulf Of Mexico Seafood Much Cuter Now Without All Those Eyes

Remember when hero Congressman Joe Barton apologized to British Petroleum for all the bother the US government was causing it, by forcing it to maybe mitigate some of the hellfire it had sort of rained down upon the...

Joe Barton Sent Around This Dumb PowerPoint To Republicans

Republican caucus! Republican caucus! Look what Joe Barton made! He put together a slideshow about how he will be the best Energy and Commerce chairman ever. He worked really hard on it, as you can see from the slide...

Joe Barton Is Going To Marry An Incandescent Lightbulb

What does being the only man in America to apologize to BP for this past summer's oil spill get you? Why, the chairmanship of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, of course! Joe Barton is still somehow the ranking...

A Children’s Treasury Of Pictures From The Most Important Baseball Game Ever

Last night was the much anticipated Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game and somehow your Wonkabout convinced our dearly departed editor Jim Newell to join her for the adventure. New editor Jack refused to leave his home, cats and whatever,...

Joe Barton: ‘Joe Barton Was Right’

Has Joe Barton stopped apologizing about his BP comment and letting himself be paddled by Republican leaders and come back around to knowing he was right when he said it? Dave Weigel. SHOOK DOWN (looked at) Joe Barton's Twitter...

Republican Leadership Honors Joe Barton’s Apology To BP

Remember when everybody was so outraged about actual Oil Industry Millionaire Joe Barton apologizing to BP for all the trouble America caused by allowing BP to destroy the entire Gulf of Mexico? And the GOP House leadership dragged Barton...

Tony Hayward Sees No Problem Attending Good Ol’-Fashioned Down-Home Saturday Yacht Race

Oh yeah, good idea, people totally won't get all pissed off and populisty about you going to watch your yacht compete in a yacht race, Tony Hayward. That will definitely ingratiate you with the small people of the Gulf...