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A Belated Happy Birthday To Jimmy Carter, Peace Be Upon Him, It’s GODDAMN FUCKING NICE TIME!

Some people just insist on making us feel a bit better about things. Even today. It's your OPEN THREAD!

Dear Jimmy Carter: Get Some Rest, Feel Better, And Get Back To Building Houses, OK?

Jimmy Carter builds walls to hold up roofs for families. Those are the good kind of walls to build.

Donald Trump’s ‘Approval Rating’ Not The Smallest One America Has Ever Seen, But … Uh … LOL!

Trump is less popular than George W. Bush during Katrina, anal fissures and Comcast. #WINNING

So-Called Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals Unanimously Invites Trump To Eat This Dick

Weird how all these so-called judges disagree with the so-called 'president'!

Obama Hates 22nd Amendment. Wonkagenda For Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Trump University keeps a door open for charity, Scott Walker cleans up climate change, and the student debt bubble gets bigger. Your daily news brief!

Walking in a Nuclear Winter Wonderland! Wonkagenda for Friday, December 23, 2016

Trump's love of nukes, Putin hates Democrats, Rachel Maddow grills Kellyanne Conway! Your daily news brief!

LOL Hillary Clinton Might Win South Carolina

This is getting REALLY fun, y'all.

Fox News Dingbats Help Eric Trump Defend His Daddy’s Dumbass Brexit Comments

Can you believe the mean media made fun of Donald Trump for being on a golf course?
Guys with beards this epic are either brilliant or fucking nuts

Arkansas Gentleman In Jail Just For Loving Bible Too Much, Threatening To Kill Seven Mayors

Guy who threatened seven mayors insisted that learning the 10 Commandments along with his ABCs made him the man he is today. Hmm.

RIP Ted Cruz, For Now You Are Dead. A Wonkette Post-Mortem!

Did you guys hear the news? NO, Ted Cruz did not die in a fire made out of dildos soaked with the blood of the risen Christ, why would you think that?! But you probably DID hear that Ted...

Dear God, Chris Christie, What’s Become Of You?

So, what did everybody do last night? Did you make history by being some sort of lady girl Vagina-American who won Super Tuesday? Did you give a speech at the Mar-a-Lago resort about how your name is Donald J. Trump...

Ted Cruz’s Final Message To Iowa: I Hate You As Much As Everybody Hates Me

Everyone, get ready to make your surprise faces, because Ted Cruz did something assholish. WE KNOW, we didn't believe it either for a second! There are reports coming out of Iowa about a rudely misleading mailer sent by the...
That thing will never fly. Center of gravity is all out of whack.

Everything You Need To Know About Iowa’s Hot Throbbing Caucus: A Wonksplainer

After all the campaigning and stump speeches and far fewer corndog-eating photos than we would have hoped for, the Big Day is finally here: Happy Birthday, Pauly Shore! Also, it's the Iowa Caucus, a mysterious ritual that nobody cared...

Of Course Ted Cruz Is THAT Guy Who Will Spoil Star Wars

Before we properly begin Ted Cruz Is A Half-Witted Lick-Knob: Episode MXVIII, let us assure you that we are not that guy. This is a safe space for you to read about what a dick Ted Cruz is, without any risk that we might cram...
Speaking of 'pinched, mean, evil faces'...

Syrian Refugees Won’t Be Eatin’ Georgia’s Food Stamp Lobster And Filet Mignon Steaks

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is a Christian. He loves the Bible so much, he made sure cabins in state campgrounds were equipped with copies of the Good Book. But he's apparently pretty easygoing about actually following some of Christ's...

Jimmy Carter Ditches Dumb Cancer, Will Live Forever Now

Best Former President Ever James Earl Carter had a nice surprise for his weekly Sunday School class at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia: "He said he got a scan this week and the cancer was gone,” Jill Stuckey...