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Guess Which Whiny Crybaby Congressjerk Wants A Pay Raise This Time

Just to prove that Republicans do not have a monopoly on dick moves, Florida Rep. Alcee Hastings, who is ostensibly a Democrat -- the kind who won't campaign against Republicans -- is the latest member of Congress to whine...

Hasn’t Moran’s Jerk Son Suffered Enough Through ‘Embarrassing Situation’ Of Beating Up Girlfriend?

Virginia Congressman Rick Jim* Moran's jerk son, Patrick, has pleaded guilty to an "embarrassing situation" of slamming his girlfriend's head into a metal trash can grate. You may remember Patrick from his previous stint embarrassing his (Democrat) dad, for...

‘Go To Hell Barack’ Metro Ad Will Stay Despite Congressman’s Mean Letter

Virginia Congressman Jim Moran was none too pleased when he heard about the ad shown above, which says "Barack Obama wants politicians and bureaucrats to control America’s entire medical system. Go to hell Barack" and can be found in...

Wonkette Went To Virginia For A Town Hall, And Randall Terry Went Nuts, The End

See, there he is! Randall Terry, who is somewhere between 37 and 124 years old, brought his Anti-Babykilling World Tour to the peaceful Virginia money cave of Reston yesterday evening to disrupt Rep. Jim Moran's health care town hall,...

A Midsummer Night’s Wonk’d

You know you are scraping the bottom of the barrel, wonk-wise, when the most famous person on your "spotted around DC" list is Wolf Blitzer. Such is the state we find ourselves in this mid-July. But let's check out...

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