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Your Handy-Dandy Wonkette Debate Drinking Game

Hi, drunkards! Tonight, in case you didn't know, is America's First 2012 Presidential Debate, during which two men will stand on stage and be hectored and/or coddled by Jim Lehrer in a spectacle that matches no version of the word...

‘This Is an iPhone,’ Jim Lehrer Announces

Jim Lehrer is going to live FOREVER. Please, Internet, make an animated GIF of him shaking that iPhone. These people are literally the future. The NewsHour is so on top of this technology thing! Pretty soon, Robert MacNeil is...

Jim Lehrer Tells Creepy Stories About Cannibals, For Laughs

Who better to promote a heart-warming comedy show than a man with a funereal demeanor and the beady, coal-black eyes of a dead shark? Nobody! Please watch Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America, lest Jim Lehrer be...

Liveblogging The Mississippi Mud Slide, Part II

Jim Lehrer, you garish little Skittle whore! What kind of jacket is THAT? Slut slut slut Jim Lehrer is a slut. Oh god this debate is boring, we realized during our last moment of clarity. Time to open the...

Get Well Soon, Jim Lehrer!

The Funk of 40,000 Years

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