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‘This Is an iPhone,’ Jim Lehrer Announces

  in the year 2000


Jim Lehrer Tells Creepy Stories About Cannibals, For Laughs

  horrible monsters


To Do: Interesting for DC


* Jim Lehrer talks about his novel The Phony Marine at Politics & Prose. “Lehrer, himself a former Marine, perfectly captures the importance of presentation, or impersonation, in this Washington-based novel.” [MOAR WORDS!

Wonk’d: March Mediocrity?


This week’s collection of celebrity sightings is a little disappointing; we’ve seen better around here. Are you all too busy enjoying college basketball, warm weather, and cherry blossoms, leaving you without time to keep your editors informed of the comings and goings of famous ...

Wonk’d: The Return of Wonk’d


Yes, we’re bringing this feature back at the very time everyone has left town. We’re drunk that way. We will, however, be accepting sightings of famous-for-D.C.-types spotted outside D.C. to compensate. To compensate for everyone being out of town, we mean. To compensate ...