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It looks like almost everyone on Twitter is congratulating Stephen Colbert on his being chosen to take over David Letterman’s Late Show, except for a few people who are surprised-not-surprised that the job went to a middle-aged white guy, and a few conservatives who are now going to boycott The Late Show because they had […]

A terrible thing happened yesterday at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, and at this point, we don’t know much about the murderer, Ivan Lopez, except that he was an Iraq vet, was being treated for depression and anxiety, and was being evaluated for possible PTSD.  Those very limited details became available a few hours after […]

Well, dear readers, we have been BURNT! As Gateway Pundit guest blogger Kristinn Taylor reveals, Yr Wonkette ran a story Saturday noting that B. Barry Bamz looked a little worse for the wear in his Olympics interview with Bob Costas. And indeed, we asked if he was “high as fuck” or just really, really tired. […]

Welcome to another Derp Roundup, the weekly feature where we scrape our browser tabs for the stories that are too stoopid to ignore altogether but not quite worth a full post, stir in some weapons-grade snark, and serve it up to you. We recommend you add your own mental lubricant, but not right before you […]

One day in the future, we will all sit around and tell our grandchildren where we were on December 13, 2013, the day that some wingnut bloggers realized was the anniversary of Al Gore’s 2008 prediction that the North Pole ice cap would be gone in five years. (Gore has consistently said the ice cap […]

Here’s today’s entry in the Obama’s America Is Just Like North Korea sweepstakes: Stupidest Man on the Internet Jim Hoft is disgusted by the decorating decisions that Barack Obama has personally made for the U.S. Embassy in London. Following up on a Twitchy story about a fairly bland tweet from the embassy, Hoft’s headline leaves […]

OMG you guys! Did you hear the scandalous truth about how the Lamestream Media is completely covering up the fact that Karl Pierson, the boy who shot two students last Friday before killing himself, was a confirmed socialist? Thankfully, a whole bunch of wingnut blogs have the truth! Tell us all about it, Stupidest Man […]

Who’d have ever guessed that a post about Alex Jones shouting like a moron would draw nutty comments? Would-be commenter “Aleksiev1″ was especially unhappy that we mocked Mr. Jones’ assertion that immunizations are full of cancer viruses, to do eugenics. Our skepticism did not sit well with Aleksiev1! If there are no cancer viruses in […]

We are unironically happy that Jim Hoft, the stupidest man on the internet, is back and healthy and blogging again, because he’s an excellent source of completely ridiculous stuff like this: “Outrageous!… Common Core Book Teaches Children White Voters Rejected Obama Because of Race” Ohmigosh, are we back to the little children being forced to […]

You have to admit that Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man on the Internet, knows how to pick his little helpers: guest blogger Andrea Ryan looked at the aftermath of the gummint shutdown and saw only greedy federal employees with their hands out, and Congress throwing money at them: Furloughed government workers just got two weeks […]

As we mentioned yesterday, the cognitive dissonance around the defunding of government has been pretty strong these last couple of weeks. The fairly basic notion that if you vote to not fund a government service, that service goes away seems to mystify some folks on the right, who have decided that the shutdown of national […]

Remember how Yr Wonkette went to Jim Hoft’s Big Rage-a-Palooza over the weekend, to demand that he #PAYUP the moneez what he owes us? And remember how this one guy, Eric, grabbed our clever “Nazi-Themed Sign” sign and tried to rip it up while yelling at us about the Holocaust? And we decided to put […]

Once upon a time Jim Hoft, “the Gateway Pundit,” said a very stupid thing. Some putz from the DSCC or DCCC or OFA or something, we don’t know, it is lost in the mists of time, sent out an email saying “civility alert or something, teabaggers are waving signs with Nazi symbols on them!” Jim […]

Folks, we are pleased as punch to introduce the newest member of yr Wonkette family, a brand new bouncing baby wingnut named Sarah Hoyt. She’s picture perfect right out the gate. Robert Heinlein quote? Check. Distressingly aged homemade website? Check. Self-published science fiction writer? Check. One million word arglebargle post about how we are living […]

Attention, Los Angeles area Wonkaderos, this is your chance to have a laugh at Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man on the Internet, as he and a bunch of rightwing nutters hold their dopey “Rage Against the Media” event that is sure to change the face of journalism forever. Hoft owes your Wonket money, because he […]