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Rory Reid, the Nevada Democrat who is trying to succeed Jim Gibbons as Governor of Good Decisions, has launched his first campaign ad, and it somehow fails to mention his last name, which is strange, considering it is also the name of Nevada’s longtime senior senator, Harry Reid. Why in the world would Rory Reid […]

Leering imbecile and national embarrassment Jim Gibbons has certainly made his mark on Nevada — what with the bungled rape attempts and death threats and public divorce war with his hilarious wife and the Mexican slaves hidden in his basement and his inept corruption and basically not showing up to work for his entire term […]

Does anyone outside of Nevada remember America’s Worst Governor, drunken idiot slimeball waitress-assaulting Jim Gibbons, a red-faced beady-eyed turd so stupid and crooked that even Nevada’s Republicans have spent the past three rotten years mocking and attacking his incompetent, missing-in-action term as governor?

Oh look it’s some gross news about the gross governor of Nevada, one Jim Gibbons, who once disgusted his state of hookers and gambling addicts by assaulting a waitress! According to a legal deposition, Jim Gibbons has not gotten laid by a lady since nineteen hundred and ninety-five.

AMERICA'S WORST MOST SINGLE GOVERNOR  11:42 am December 30, 2009

by Sara K. Smith

GIBBONS MARRIAGE OFFICIALLY OVER: Philandering Nevada governor and alcoholic sex crook Jim Gibbons is a single man as of two days ago. His campaign manager congratulated the governor on taking the “high-road position” in the divorce proceedings and said “the governor has been very respectful of Dawn.” (The governor’s attorney once compared her to an […]

A group of important politicians, including Senators Harry Reid and John Ensign and also the beloved waitress-assaulting alcoholic buffoon Governor Jim Gibbons, gathered ’round uncomfortably to dedicate a new 2900-acre shooting park in Clark County, Nevada yesterday. Ensign reportedly “gazed into his lap, fiddling with his wedding band, turning it this way and that, slipping […]

AMERICA'S WORST GOVERNOR  2:38 am October 15, 2008

by Ken Layne

REMEMBER DRUNKY McRAPEY? Jim Gibbons is this incredibly dull/stupid cretin-crook Republican congressman who somehow became governor of Nevada, in the middle of some awful cheap sex-assault scandal. Now his wife has finally left him, the Feds are investigating all his crookedness, people are noticing that he hasn’t actually shown up to work this year, and […]

DRUNKEN LOUTS  12:08 am October 10, 2008

by Ken Layne

AMERICA’S WORST GOVERNOR: “Gov. Jim Gibbons has become a fleeting presence in Carson City, rarely showing up at his Capitol office and making few public appearances.” [Las Vegas Sun]

America’s worst governor and alcoholic adulterous sex-assaulter crook Jim Gibbons and his power-crazed wife Dawn are finally getting the divorce everybody always knew they’d get, and it’s going to be ugly, and the court documents are hilarious. [My Silver State/Las Vegas Gleaner]