Hi. I am a Jew. Are you? Great. Then you probably already understand what I have to say, but you’ll at least want to stick around for the dirty joke.* And if you’re not, you can stick around for the dirty joke too. So. Let’s get a few facts out of the way first. American […]

You might remember that last year, a bunch of angry conservative Christians decided to take their toys and go home because the Boy Scouts were no longer going to stone gays to death. They created a nonsense organization called Trail Life aka Purity Scouts that promised that instead of cramming the gay down your kids’ […]

In case you missed it because you were taking your bubbe to shul, Republicans gathered in Las Vegas on Saturday to beg Republican Jews — all two and a half of them — to give them Jew dollars for their 2016 presidential aspirations. This is a thing Republicans do sometimes because even though American Jews […]

Like a lot of your rightwing fundagelicals, Michele Bachmann is a big believer in the old Chick tract “Support Your Local Jew,” so she knows that the most important country in the world, next to maybe America, is Israel, because that’s where Jesus will come to end the world. And so if Israel is unhappy […]

Hey man, Tila Tequila (you don’t know her; she’s this girl) does not hate Jews okay, she does not know how many times she has to say it, she is totally cool with Jews and would probably not genocide them or even murder them and this one time she even felt sorry for WWII prisoners […]

Terrible news from the frontlines of the War on People Who Refuse to Believe There is a War on Christmas Because There Is Not Actually a War on Christmas. Apparently, according to Sarah Palin, who knows all about it because she hired someone to ghostwrite a book for her on this very subject, lawyered-up atheists […]

Some Jews in Pine Bush, New York, are really fucking up everything for this one nice school district in their blatant “money grab” (such Jews!) lawsuit just because their kids were constantly getting beaten up for being Jews, and having swastikas drawn on their faces for being Jews, and having coins flung at them for […]

You know what’s hard? Being yelled at for being rich and kinda douchey. Sometimes, wittle fee-fees get boo-boos on them, ginormous egos might get an owwie, and the only thing to cushion the blow is millions of dollars to soak up the tears. For Robert Benmosche, the CEO who took over AIG in 2008 after […]

Oh, Virginia, your Republicans are ever so charming. You’ve got state attorney general and wannabe-but-not-gonna-be governor Ken Cuccinelli, hero of the tea party and hater of ladies and the buttsex, and yet somehow, he’s not even the craziest candidate on the ballot. (That distinct honor goes to Ewwwwwwww Jackson, candidate for lieutenant governor.) And then […]

Pennsylvania Republican Governor Tom Corbett is not a happy man. He is bound and determined to stop a county-level municipal employee from spreading human rights and dignity, because that is not appropriate on Corbett’s watch. Since July 24, a Montgomery County official, D. Bruce Hanes, has been issuing marriage licenses to any old Adam and […]

Remember that episode of “Litigious Larry Klayman’s Legal Wonderland Fun Times” last summer when we told you about allegations, made by Klayman’s ex-wife during a custody battle over their kids, that Litigious Larry had maybe touched his children inappropriately in their swimsuit areas? And how the magistrate in the original hearing said that although there […]

Earlier this week, we brought you the Happy Funtimes Leagle Beagle News that open suer Larry Klayman, famous in the olden days for subpoenaing Bill Clinton’s penis like three times a day (and also Dick Cheney’s Energy Task Force records, because “nonpartisan” or something) and famous recently for representing twin Lights Bradlee Dean and Sheriff […]

Thomas Lopez-Pierre, who is running for the New York City Council, has done wrote a doozy of a letter about how he loves boning Jewesses (he doesn’t say so, but it is totally because we got boobs), and once tried to slash the throats of some other black kids (with a broken bottle!) who were […]

If there’s one place that Jewish people are overrepresented vis a vis their share of the population, it is in banking Hollywood the Bilderberg Group magazines and the Internet. You cannot swing a dead cat without hitting a woman named, like, “Rebecca Schoenkopf” or “Sarah Steinberg” or “Rachel Schoenkopf Steinberg” or whatnot. But we have […]

The Jews funded WWI so they could spread out. The Jews took advantage of Germany and took all its wealth and if they hadn’t, how would one maniac be able to convince an entire country to kill them? We wouldn’t have a problem with race in this country if the Media (Jews) did/did not point […]