jesus these people

Wouldn’t you know it — a Tennessee church has gone and thrown a big steaming pile of Godnastiness all over our nice-time story from a couple weeks back. As you may recall, the Chattanooga suburb of Collegedale became the first city in Tennessee to offer equal benefits to same-sex spouses of its municipal employees, and […]

(Update: Almost definitely a hoax; details at end of post) We don’t know that we can add much to the basics of this one, if it turns out to be true (and let’s note right away that the story is so far mostly on seriously fringey websites like David Ickes and “Vaticancrimes”, so take this […]

OK, so much for that “nice time” crap. Here’s a happy little children’s book to “sensitively” explain to children, “with love and compassion,” why God gets really, really worked up about whose genitals are allowed to touch, and why such limited touching must only happen inside a heterosexual marriage. It must be an excellent book, […]

A Texas pastor has been arrested on charges of “attempted sexual performance of a child” after trying to coerce an underaged girl to take off her clothes and show him some “eye candy.” Jeffrey Dale Williams, a senior pastor at the Church of Corinth, was arrested after the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services […]

So, back in 2007, the Texas legislature passed a law mandating that all public schools in the state include instruction on “the Hebrew Scriptures” and the New Testament and their impact on literature and history. Don’t worry, supporters of the law said, we aren’t going to be teaching religious doctrine, this law is all about […]

We were worried that you, the Wonkette Reader, might not have quite enough rage coursing through you today, and so here is the story, via Dan Savage at The Stranger, of Savita Halappanavar, a 31-year-old woman who died in Galway, Ireland, last month after doctors decided that, although she was already miscarrying and there was […]