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Fox News’s Jesse Watters Can’t Stop LOLing Over How Weird Chinese People Are

Is this the most racist thing Jesse Watters has ever done? MAYBE!
This isn't about democracy, this is about politics. Which Democracy doesn't need.

Andrea Tantaros’s Lawsuit Against Fox News Is OMG WTF INSANE!

Bill O'Reilly's in there too. AND former Sen. Scott Brown. AND Dean Cain. AND AND AND AND AND!

Bill O’Reilly Sad We ‘Smear Merchants’ Tried To Assassinate Him For His Weird Slavery Comments

Smear Merchants is our new Wonkette house band name, we are calling it now.
Nerd Fight! Nerd Fight!

Fox Lickspittle Jesse Watters And HuffPo Reporter Slapfight Over Srs Journalism

Fox News's insufferable little prick Jesse Watters got himself into a brief fuck-tussle with Huffpo reporter Ryan Grim Saturday night at the MSNBC afterparty following the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Watters, best known now as Bill O'Reilly's smug underling...

O’Reilly Henchbro Jesse Watters Totally Tricks Millennials Into Saying Fairly Reasonable Things

Single-payer health care and free college tuition like in other countries? What will these entitled millennials come up with next?
Borned stupid.

Ted Cruz’s Dildos Squeezed Their Way Into Your Weekly Top Ten

What up, our Wonkette bros and lady-bros, are you ready to get a Top Ten list crammed at your face? GOOD. We had some weird news this week, about Ted Cruz's Dildo Issues. And also some other things too!...
Caution: May contain unhealthy levels of smugness

Fox’s Jesse Watters Is Neither A Good Man Nor A Smart Man

a href="http://wonkette.com/600359/15-things-bill-oreilly-got-wrong-while-laughing-at-how-stupid-these-hippies-are"Most of the time, Fox News creature Jesse Watters is safely walled off as the interviewer/producer of those HI-LARIOUS "Watters' World" segments on The O'Reilly Factor, where he goes and asks a bunch of dumb questions to uninformed...
News man.

15 Things Bill O’Reilly Got Wrong While Laughing At How Stupid These Hippies Are

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Above you will find a video from Bill O'Reilly. It is a stupid video, there is no need to watch it. In this stupid video, which you should definitely not watch, O'Reilly sends his...
This is Hillary's 'Are you shitting me?' face. We saw it a lot.

Wingnuts So Sad Hillz Didn’t Admit She Ordered The Code Red In Benghazi

Following Hillary Clinton's epic ass-kicking performance during the Benghazi hearings, we received an assignment that we knew was going to hurt, but was necessary: watch Fox News to get a feel for how the hearings played in the Conservasphere,...
This isn't about democracy, this is about politics. Which Democracy doesn't need.

Fox News Explains America Is The Best, So Who Cares About Torture?

The nice folks at Fox News are pretty darn angry about the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on the CIA's post-9/11 torture program, but not about anything revealed in the report. No, the great patriots at Fox are mostly angry...

Hilarious O’Reilly Pal Jesse Watters Gets Dainty Fashionable Boot Up Ass At N.O.W. Convention

Insufferable smugbunny Jesse Watters, who does innovative comedy clips involving record-scratch sound effects for The O'Reilly Factor, scored some major ha-has at the 2014 National Organization for Women (NOW) conference in Albuquerque before he was booted by security for...

Fox & Friends Pinch Hitters: Sam Adams Beer Ad Made Baby Jebus Cry

By now, we're pretty much used to Fox News's routine freakouts over how there's a War On Christmas (and by extension, on Jesus and America), but the holiday-weekend hosts of Fox & Friends upped the ante today with a...

How Long Before Fox News Ambush Guy Who Donated To Obama Hits Unemployment Line?

Jesse Watters, the Fox News correspondent who made a name for himself as Bill O'Reilly's ambush interview guy, has some 'splaining to do. Politico's Dylan Byers reports that a Federal Elections Commission filing shows Watters donated $500 to the...