Jerry Brown

Today’s Sunday Times is still full of basketball sportsball, with stories on both of those games. SPOILER ALERT: your bracket still sucks. SECOND SPOILER ALERT: the NCAA sucks and is nothing but an elaborate way to make money off kids it turns around and ensures can make no money off themselves at that stage in […]

Let’s start with the best Sunday New York Times news of all: Thomas Friedman has the week off. There’s also news about how there’s no news about the missing plane and a reminder that your March Madness bracket is a mess with Syracuse losing to Dayton. The Times also covers Fred Phelps’s death and reminds […]

Can we just get this out of the way: techbro brodude tech guy bros are the worst of the worst. They’re always talking about how they’re going to “disrupt” things when really all they are doing is ordering lunch from Seamless or something. But they are at their very super duper exxxxtreme worst when they […]

We don’t know what the fuck happened to our old “cool” governor, Jerry Brown. First he is not even dating Linda Ronstadt anymore, so strike one. And then he was all “grrrrr, I am a grumpy senior citizen, ‘fiscally responsible’ adult person, so now the economy is yay again but I will still cut money […]

Only a former Goldman-Sachs executive who has never held elected office and supervised the bank bailout under George W. Bush would have the hubris to survey a landscape rife with inequality, a shrinking middle class, and a 21.5% high school drop-out rate and think, “gee, I am exactly what the state of California needs right now: a job-creator and […]

Never mind that he’s six years older than Ronald Reagan was when he was sworn in; Jerry Brown has some enthusiastic support for a presidential run. And, in the language of political vagueness, he hasn’t absolutely ruled out the possibility of running, although spokesman Jim Evans quoted a May answer that Brown gave to a […]

Just in case anyone needs a handy illustration of Marx’s dictum that history repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce, we have this News McNugget: The National Organization for Marriage, which was one of the main groups behind the now-defunct Proposition 8, is teaming up with a coalition of other wingnuts to push […]

This fellow Dan Joseph, from Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center, posted a hilarious-so-funny video of himself pretending to be “a transgender” by talking like a BIIIIIIIG FAG and lisping things like “My name is Dan, I am a transgender, which means I have the Man Parts? Can I come in your locker room with you […]

There is so much actual news happening, you guys. We are filled to the gills with actual news and it is killing us. We need some breathing room to find new ways to snark and we really really need some time to develop more swear-y synonyms to describe people who are assholes. So — time […]

Texas drug-eater Rick Perry denies that he is gay, but Texas? Gay as the dickens — FOR YOUR BUSINESS! That is the message of the “Texas Wide Open for Business” campaign that Gov. Perry is flogging in New York, California, and various other places where it is not torturously hot, humid, and buggy all the […]

Hi diddly ho, Wonkerinos! It has been awhile since we submerged ourselves in the crazy world of America’s most prominent and deadly fetish. Frankly, we were feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the stories of people accidentally blowing away their own toddlers while cleaning their shotguns, and then the useless dicks in Congress killed gun […]

Rick Perry’s got a plan, y’all! An eeeevil plan, based on stealing all the businesses out of California and bringing them to Texas — because hell, you can do whatever you want in Texas! (Except have decent textbooks.) Rick is obviously aiming to be the Mexico-adjacent-Mexico inside the US for all of businesses everywhere — […]

California Governor/Sam the Eagle impersonator Jerry Brown appeared the other day on conservative talker Larry Elder’s radio show, but wasn’t granted the easy treatment one would expect from a member of the liberal-loving media like…Larry Elder? As NewsBusters readers know all too well, Democratic elected officials across the fruited plain are used to softball interviews […]

ABC News reports that California Governor Jerry Brown is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, OH NO! News of Governor Brown’s illness came courtesy of an ABC News alert right to our inbox (VIP Y’ALL), and was under stories about Chris Christie being fat, Hillary Clinton being too old in 2016 to run (your Wonkette is […]

Do you hear that, Californians? DO YOU? Because that’s the sound of jobs disappearing from California because our Job Creators will soon have to pay the nation’s highest marginal income taxes. They will pay the same capital gains tax as everyone else and lower property taxes than anyone in the country but still, WON’T SOMEONE […]