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Does Robert Mueller Have Some InfoWars Guy At Black Site, Just Like Crazy Twitter Says?

Why Is Robert Mueller torturing crazy rightwing people, if he is, even?

Did The Deep State Murder Sean Hannity’s Twitter Account? And Then Resurrect It?

Sean Hannity's Twitter account disappeared for a night and wingnut conspiracy theorists are ON IT.

Fox News Not Sure How To Tell You, But One Manafort Judge Is Woman And Other IS BLACK!!!1!

Nobody at Fox News could be persuaded to put a byline on this story. Must be good journamalism!
You furnish the intelligence report and I'll furnish the travel ban

Reuters To Cover Trump Like Any Other Tinpot Dictator

Reuters is planning to cover the Trump administration like it would any other banana republic. Why do we suddenly want to read Graham Greene novels?

Wingnut Conspiracies About Hillary Clinton’s Ailing Health Debunked By Jar Of Pickles

Finally, a Hillary 'scandal' that can be debunked in 5 seconds on late night TV!
Kicked out by her own family? Now she has even more in common with Fred Phelps

Phyllis Schlafly Fears Forbidden Love For Trump Will Tear Her Awful Family Apart

a href="http://wonkette.com/599620/meet-the-fourth-mrs-trump-america"Poor Phyllis Schlafly. In an interview published at rightwing conspiracy clearinghouse WND Monday, she worries she's about to be voted out of her presidency of the Eagle Forum, the rightwing family values group she founded, simply because she's...

Loser Felon Dinesh D’Souza Will Destroy Hillary Just Like He Destroyed Obama

Oh ho ho and SHOTS FIRED! and you better be scurred, Hit-lery Benghazi Vince Foster Clinton, because convicted felon Dinesh D'Souza is out of the pokey and he's comin' for you! If you've been playing hooky from Real American History...
P.S. They ARE crackpots

Wingnut Birthers Prove Hillary Clinton’s Even More Secret Gay Muslim Than Obama

Oh, this again some more? Sure, because it never gets old! Wingnut birther Jerome Corsi and other wingnut birther and conspiracy theory generalist-at-large Alex Jones were having themselves a little girl talk, on the interweb, as they do. They...
It's th' Pink Pony of the Apocalypse! Run for Your Lives!

The Bible Proves Obama’s The Antichrist, Again

Hope you enjoyed your Blood Moon this morning -- it's a sign of the Apocalypse! So is the fact that our morning bagel showed us a vision of Satan gnawing on the bones of the damned. But that could...

Wingnut Super-Lawyer Larry Klayman Wants Obama Deported Over Fake Birth Certificate

When last we heard from tousle-headed super-lawyer Larry Klayman, he was accepting a public censure from the Washington, D.C. Court of Appeals Board on Professional Responsibility. We were a little surprised that Litigious Larry wasn’t fighting harder, but he...
Go home, everyone.

Stupidest Man On Internet Declares Victory Over Liberal Media, Who Stopped Covering Ferguson Because Of Him

The Stupidest Man on the Internet, Jim Hoft, is a resident of St. Louis, Missouri, which is why he calls himself "The Gateway Pundit" (for the longest time, we thought it was a reference to the brand of...

Edward Snowden Gives Putin Super-Duper-Secret Info On President Obama’s DNA, Says Not-At-All-Crazy Birther

We know everyone within the Wonkette universe has complicated feels about floor wax/dessert topping Edward Snowden, but a new story about the Libertarian Man of Mystery has totally blown our minds, and now we don’t know what to think....

WND’s Jerome Corsi Gives Up On Obama’s Birth Certificate, Now Mistrusts Hitler’s Death Certificate

Wingnut's wingnut Dr. Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., has pretty much had it with this "Barack Obama Birth Certificate" nonsense. That is just SO 2008-2013. Now he's onto a fresh new thing: Hitler. Oh sure, you may scoff -- Hitler died...

‘Unskewed Polls’ Guy Figures That Since Obama Is Gay, He’s Probably Not A Muslim

Our friends at Talking Points Memo think it's news that Dean Chambers, the delusional data debaucher who gave the world "Unskewed Polls" to prove that Mitt Romney would win the election by eleventy-hundred electoral votes, is pretty sure that...

Wackaloon Candidate For Nevada Governor Ready For Civil War, Obama To Kill Him

This somewhat unconventionally coifed gentleman is David Lory VanDerBeek, Nevada's Constitution Party candidate for Governor in 2014. In addition to failing to win election to the U.S. Senate in 2012, he has posted several very long videos to YouTube,...

Rick Santorum Joins John Rocker, Chuck Norris, Other Eminences, At Respectable Journal Of Conservative Thought ‘WND’

Rick Santorum wiped the smegma from the corner of his lips. (He didn't get it all though, the crusty dried part was still there, but it would flake off eventually.) What was he going to do with himself, now...