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We know everyone within the Wonkette universe has complicated feels about floor wax/dessert topping Edward Snowden, but a new story about the Libertarian Man of Mystery has totally blown our minds, and now we don’t know what to think. If this newest claim being made about the documents he stole from the NSA turns out […]

Wingnut’s wingnut Dr. Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., has pretty much had it with this “Barack Obama Birth Certificate” nonsense. That is just SO 2008-2013. Now he’s onto a fresh new thing: Hitler. Oh sure, you may scoff — Hitler died nearly 70 years ago, after all! But “Hitler Escaped” stories are the little black dress of […]

Our friends at Talking Points Memo think it’s news that Dean Chambers, the delusional data debaucher who gave the world “Unskewed Polls” to prove that Mitt Romney would win the election by eleventy-hundred electoral votes, is pretty sure that Barack Obama is a gay homosexual person who likes men. But this is not actually news! […]

This somewhat unconventionally coifed gentleman is David Lory VanDerBeek, Nevada’s Constitution Party candidate for Governor in 2014. In addition to failing to win election to the U.S. Senate in 2012, he has posted several very long videos to YouTube, and we have watched two of them so you won’t have to (we kind of gave […]

Rick Santorum wiped the smegma from the corner of his lips. (He didn’t get it all though, the crusty dried part was still there, but it would flake off eventually.) What was he going to do with himself, now that he, like Mitt Romney, was a sad loser whom nobody wanted around? Even his wife, […]

WingNutDaily editrix Jerome Corsi is still flying around on Ol’ Miffed Romney’s plane as a valued member of the press, but is he aware that his own columnist (a black man who is, er, the author of Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession) is now calling for his death by firing […]

And now news comes that the dean of White House Queer Muslin Murder ‘Spiracy Theories, Jerome Corsi of WND, is stone cold flying around on Mitt Romney’s plane, like a boss! So let us put on our OWN conspiracy caps (it is a crimson fez, duh), and ask the clear and obvious question: Who’d Jerome […]

It’s been nearly…oh, a few days, maybe, since there was an insane conspiracy theory about Barack Obama, so of course there’s another one! Barack Obama has a wedding ring, and unlike a normal American male, it is slightly fancy with squiggles and shit. Dr. Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., has investigated the ring through blurry, pixelated pictures […]

America’s most credible journalist, Jerome Corsi, has a new installment out in his series on how a young, homosexual Barack Obama got ahead in Chicago politics. This piece focuses on his arranged marriage to Michelle Obama, who, Corsi strongly implies, is also black. For example, Michelle has been known to use secret black code language: […]

What do we know about this “Barack Hussein Obama” person anyway? Beyond the obvious stuff, of course, like the fact that he is the son of Malcolm X, was a spy in Pakistan, and astrally projected to Mars, we mean. But how is it possible, in today’s modern media-saturated world of iPhones and 24-hour news […]

My Dearest Barry-Bear: I know you told me we could never speak of our love. I know I signed that confidentiality agreement when you ran for the Senate, and, yes, I remember the Secret Service’s little “visits” to my luxurious penthouse apartment when you thought I might show up at the Inauguration. I know about […]

A 1990 article in a hard-hitting publication called Vanity Fair either accidentally revealed a state secret: Obama spent some years in Singapore, not Indonesia, as a child! OR pooooossibly, but this is not very likely, an uninformed intern wrote an article about Obama and confused the countries of Indonesia (where Obama “spent” some time as […]

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett has been in hot pursuit of extra-double email verification from the Hawaii government of Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Bennett made a pledge to the state’s voters — no extra-double email verification, no Obama on the ballot. What’s the big deal, haters? He’s only seeking this unique extra verification because […]

Your Wonkette is going to write a fun sentence and it is going to be true. Arizona’s Secretary of State has threatened not to put President of the United States of America Barack Obama on the ballot this fall because (a) he had a persuasive chit-chat with World Net Daily arch-grifter Jerome Corsi and (b) […]

GOTCHA, Barack NOoObamA! You know how on Law & Order they always manage to find a witness who says, “Yeah, I do remember a little somethin’ funny in that parking lot three Tuesday mornings ago. There was a tan Camry, plate started with 473A. It was in space 42, I remember, and I noticed the […]