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Tag: jerks

Cool Story, Bro

‘Journalist’ James O’Keefe’s Dumb Videos Will Send Hillary TO ELECTION JAIL, You Bet

Shameless watchdog or public-spirited self promoter?
Once a scumbag, always a scumbag.

Deadbeat Racist Former Congressman Joe Walsh Has Always Been At War With Human Decency


Trump Supporter Thrilled Trump Will Make America Great Again, For A-Holes

Remember the good old days when you could just insult whomever you wanted, and then they would kill you in a duel?

Did Maine Gov. Paul LePage Steal A Lady’s Dog? We Are Just Asking Questions!

Gov. Paul LePage is even a jerk when he is adopting a dog from a shelter.
Nothing classes up the joint like a top hat and monocle

Deleted Comments Of The Week: This Is Clearly A Homo-Sexual Web-Page

What a week! Our Deleted Comments queue fairly groans with vast loads of deleted idiocy, and yet, we find ourselves facing quite the conundrum: While we had enormous numbers of deleted comments, not many of them were really all...
My Little Pony: Friendship is a Plot to Take Away Our Liberty

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Guy Who Murdered Kids Only A Distraction From Planned Parenthood’s Crimes!

Our piece last week on the nice North Carolina dad who was an ardent Open Carry enthusiast (and whose Facebook page was full of pro-gun, anti-Obama, and anti-Muslim messages) who shot his two preschool-aged sons to death drew the...
Does it violate Godwin's Law when you're talking about neo-Nazis?

Deleted Comments: Why Is Wonkette So Unfair To White Supremacists?

Yr Wonkette was treated to a "raid" by some sad keyboard neo-nazis this week, because they objected to our disparagement of their new war-word, "Cuckservative" -- that is, a conservative who's been cuckolded by dangerous liberal tendencies like not...
Hot priest sex!

Classy Australian Obituary Calls ‘Thorn Birds’ Author Fat, Ugly, National Treasure

So here's a tip for obituary writers: If you're writing a big piece on one of your country's most famous writers, and it's going to run under the headline "A TRUE NATIONAL TREASURE," you just might not want to...

Jerk Babies With Big Diesels Find Exciting Way To Annoy Liberals: ‘Rollin’ Coal’

We gentle liberal souls are a simple lot, foolishly thinking that everyone wants to be nice and get along and braid each other's hair while singing Indigo Girls songs about empowerment and shit. But it turns out that peace,...

New Hampshire State Senator Threatens To Narc Out Pro-Pot Student, For Freedom (Updated)

Hey, kids, here's a new frontier in "constituent service" -- when a college student wrote a letter to New Hampshire state Sen. Andy Sanborn (not to be confused with the "dick in a box" guy) arguing for the decriminalization...

Terrible Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin To Gay Soldiers: Fine. Now Nobody Gets Spousal Benefits. Happy Now, Hmmm?

So you already knew about the kerfuffle over the Defense Department's fascist oppressive decree that, Yes, the National Guard actually is part of the military, so married partners of gay service members actually do get to sign up for...

Mitt Romney Is Sorry If He Hurt You When He Went Too Far

Mitt Romney is willing to put up with a lot of crap to get his hands on the presidency he (believes he) so richly deserves. The unfiltered contempt of his fellow conservatives, for example! The indignity of being colonoscopied...

Obama Screws Over America’s Women To Appease Religious Fanatic Men

One thing about patriarchal religions of the ancient Middle East -- like, say, "Sharia Law" or "American Catholicism" -- is that the menfolk don't like the womenfolk having any control of their own bodies or lives. That's why there...

Mean Jerk John Boehner Never Visited Injured Gabby Giffords

John Boehner probably broke down in sobs the last time he realized his spam filter was accidentally eating up all his favorite tanning salon offers from Groupon, but he sure as hell couldn't be bothered to share a single...

Crippled War Vets Tell Cheney To Get Bent

Despised warmonger Dick Cheney continues to be an evil sack of shit who can't even pretend to like war veterans. The hate-filled colostomy bag was scheduled to lecture a group of injured war veterans about how he evaded the...

Bill Clinton Releases Important, Bland One-Sentence Endorsement Of Obama

Now that his wife isn't running anymore, will Bill Clinton revert to being arguably the most popular Democratic official of the last half-century and, you know, help his party out a bit? Maybe hold a big public endorsement spectacle...