jennifer rubin

Oh, golly, John McCain. You probably should have given this a bit more thought, maybe. When Jennifer Rubin says that you and the other two “amigos,” Kelly Ayotte and Martin Short Lindsey Graham, are “distinguished pols of the week,” because she thinks you’ve “been right about a lot of things lately,” that’s not necessarily the […]

JENNIFER RUBIN is so funny, and there are a thousand laughs in store for you in the Washington Post with the new, improved JENNIFER RUBIN. Everyone enjoys a talking JENNIFER RUBIN, from young to old. Taste, see, smell, and “desire to reassert America’s place in the world” with a JENNIFER RUBIN. Experience every emotion known […]

“Why isn’t Obama talking about black-on-white violence? Why won’t Obama acknowledge that minorities are doing crimes? When will Obama tell young men of color to be responsible and get married and don’t do crimes?” Asking these questions — indignantly and at length — is as close as many commentators on the right will get to the […]

Remember that time Mitt Romney ran for president? Not that he wanted to, of course — he was against losing a presidential election before he was for it — but the Romney clan figured it was a good way to kill time until their privately hired lobbyist finished pushing the permits through on their beachfront […]

Folks, we are pleased as punch to introduce the newest member of yr Wonkette family, a brand new bouncing baby wingnut named Sarah Hoyt. She’s picture perfect right out the gate. Robert Heinlein quote? Check. Distressingly aged homemade website? Check. Self-published science fiction writer? Check. One million word arglebargle post about how we are living […]

It starts with the headline: “A president who pleases no one.” Really, no one at all, not even Michelle? Poor lady, maybe Reggie Love will go straight for her, just this once. But it’s weird, because from here it looks like 44.3% of people are pleased with the president’s constant treason and all the white slavery he […]

Fellows! To the ramparts! Our own beloved fair maiden of the Washington Post editorial page is under attack most foul, and from the most treacherous quarters! Those treacherous traitors being the former ombudsman of the Washington Post! Dudes, he calls her “ugly”! Look, right there: The Ugly Jennifer Rubin. Sure, it purports to be an […]

What is it like to be inside Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin’s head? Swimming in that soup of confusion and anger all the time? Living with the pressure of pushing out 6, 7, 8 posts per day about just how everyone is wrong and you are right and Bamz is killing us all with healthcare? […]

You know how when you were a kid and your parents would try to be all hip with the slang, and your dad said something embarrassing and contextually weird like “this steak is tits, man!” Awful, right? Not nearly as awful as Jennifer Rubin, the deeply un-hip, deeply unhappy, deeply disconnected from actual reality WaPo […]

Are you guys all sad that Obamacare is dead dead dead? Your precious Kenyan Muslin Messiah has failed you like imaginary President4Life Palin told you he would! How is Bamz fucking up today? By bowing to the pressure of whinging from businesses with 51 or more employees who explained that if they had to give […]

Things we learned from Jennifer Rubin’s commentary in the Washingtonne Poste news-paper, this morning, about the former president George W. Bush, presented without comment. Only 53 percent of the American people disapprove of George W. Bush. That is almost not even a majority! “Unlike Obama’s tenure, there was no successful attack on the homeland after […]

Hey remember yesterday? You should, unless you took a nice dose of smack to block out all the awesome that was perpetrating all over the place? Well, the one thing that made us feel less actually insane was the sight of MAD BAMZ bein’ MAD. Like, wrath-of-God-styley FURIOUS. It made us feel less alone, his […]

We’ve had a good post-election run of gleeful schadenfreude watching the Republican party tear each other limb from limb trying to figure out how they lost. It is Karl Rove’s fault for not being batshit conservative enough. It is the Tea Party’s fault for running batshit conservative enough candidates. These fights have been positively popcorn-worthy, […]

It is with heavy heart yr Wonkette pens this post. Yes, the time is nigh, Wonkfriends. We’ve been so sure the end times were approaching, and now they are here. Today, the world as we know it ends with the most pathetic whimper ever, wherein yr Wonkette is forced to agree with Pat Buchanan:

Last night, after the world tuned into the insufferable movie industry and their big night of self-congratulation, denizens of the somehow even more insufferable political industry decided to take their uniquely awful brand of commentary and apply it to entertainment. What prompted this year’s wingnut freakout? Was it a retro act of moralization over a […]