jennifer granholm

Did you watch This Week with George Stephanopoulos yesterday? Haha of course not. No big deal, because we have the clip that matters, where the roundtable discusses the ouster of Jill Abramson and we get to see Bill Kristol, nascent populist, and Peggy Noonan, budding socialist. So this roundtable feature is exactly like every other […]

Why does Rick Santorum keep getting asked on the yap shows? He does not hold an elected office, has not held an elected office since 2007, and does not have anything remotely redeeming to say about much of anything, and yet, he is still treated as though he is Important and Serious and worth listening […]

We are mildly late to this clip of former (uh, then-future?) Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm’s epic appearance on The Dating Game in 1978, when she was an absurdly chirpy 19-year-old wanna-be actress asking mildly suggestive questions of men who look like they belong in a skeevy porn video or a Bee Gees tribute band (OK, […]

Sterling Heights, Michigan is one of those blandly Caucasian suburbs filled with cul-de-sacs and Applebees franchises. Local wits are known to on occasion refer to this community as “Sterile Heights” or “Sterling Whites.” So one shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Sterling Heights City Councilman Paul Smith not only thinks some modern-day Robespierre should cold […]

A departing governor about to enter the political wilderness / looking for a job with the administration soon supports the tax-cut compromise? GAME, SET, AND MATCH. This is incredible news. Democrats in Congress are peeing themselves because they are powerless to stop the overwhelming legislative might of Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. Peeing blood, that is. […]

Primary elections for both Democrats and Republicans tonight are said to be “crowded,” just like a hott nightclub, with lots of candidates to make us all sweaty. And luckily, your Wonkette will liveblog the whole affair so you can get all the Congressman Pete Hoekstra you can handle! Not to mention all the hott (Michigan […]

Jennifer Granholm, a woman who will never be elected president of the United States because she is a Snow Mexican, may have to settle for the Supreme Court instead. Rumors have been FLYING about her getting appointed to the bench, and today they fly ever more vigorously because OMG she’s in town. Coincidentally, was she […]

Someone just sent us this comical article from an October, 2006 edition of the Anchorage Daily News — a reputable journal if ever there were! — about how Sarah Palin had a “scheduling conflict” during a gubernatorial debate with her two challengers and — instead of canceling her dumb conflict, because who cares — she […]

Things haven’t gotten much better since we last checked in on Kwame Kilpatrick, the comical mayor of Detroit and a leading contender for Barack Obama’s black vice presidency. You may recall that his “woes” include bangin’ his chief of staff — the gal he seduced by texting racy notes about “Benz Chili Bowl” — and […]